Deathloop strategy guide: Visionaries, weapons, codes, & more

All the important information in Deathloop that you need to track down the Visionaries, find unique weapons, unlock doors and safes with codes, and more.


Deathloop is a game that tasks you with killing eight targets, called Visionaries, across four different areas. The only trouble is that the day loops, restarting in the morning if you die or after the night is over. We’ve collated several Deathloop guides that will inform you of critical information in order to aid you on your mission.

Weapons, Slabs & Trinkets guides

deathloop guides weapons slabs trinkets

Get Colt equipped with the best weapons in Deathloop, so he can start tearing through Eternalists with ease. While you’re out there hunting, you should also be collecting the Slabs and upgrades, and finding all the best trinkets.

Weapons, Slabs & Trinkets
All Slabs & upgrades Unlock Colt's full potential by acquiring all the Slabs and their upgrades.
All gold & unique weapons Track down each of the gold weapons in Deathloop and take them.
All Character Trinkets Discover every possible Character Trinket to help improve Colt's abilities.

Puzzle solutions and guides

deathloop guides

There are quite a few puzzles to solve around Blackreef. These puzzles aren’t necessarily safes and doors that need codes but sort of “mini games” or mysteries to solve. Let us point you in the right direction.

Puzzle solutions
Haul-A-Quin in Karl's Bay Work out what to do with the Haul-A-Quin vendor in Karl's Bay.
Residuum Experiment in The Complex A foolproof way to complete the Residuum Experiment in The Complex.
The Yerhva Queen of Riddles There's a trivia machine in Karl's Bay. Here are the answers.
Fia’s pictogram clues Get a bit of help finding Fia's pictogram clues she's hidden in Fristad Rock.
How to beat the Moxie challenge Take on Charlie's Moxie challenge and win.
Aleksis’ DJ set Find Aleksis' DJ set and get him dancing out in the open.
Ordnance Depot batteries You need three batteries to open this door. Here's where to find them.

Codes – Doors & Safes

deathloop door and safe codes

Opening all doors and safes in Deathloop is something you will want to do. There’s always something good behind a locked door, and if something’s in a safe, it’s bound to be important. Here are some of the most troublesome doors, safes, and other locks on Blackreef. Because all the codes are unique for each player, we'll tell you how to go about finding your own unique code.

Codes - Doors & Safes
Tunnel Access code Start using Colt's tunnels to move around Blackreef.
Colt's safe code Crack open Colt's safe to get your hands on whatever's inside.
How to open HZN doors Learn how to open the HZN (Horizon) doors that are in each area of Blackreef.
Glyph safe beneath Aleksis’ mansion There's a safe beneath Aleksis' mansion that's got some glyphs hinting as its code.
Gideon Fry Delivery Booth Get the code to the delivery booth and start ordering some stuff!
Where to get a ClassPass Grab a ClassPass and access Charlie's locked room on Condition Detachment.
Three locks in Updaam apartment The Pact of Smoke is an agreement between three Eternalists. Each has a code.

General guides

There’s a lot to learn in Deathloop, so we’ve got a few general guides to assist you with hunting down the Visionaries, exploring the map, and improving your experience on Blackreef.

How to kill all eight Visionaries Some valuable information about killing the eight Visionaries in one loop.
Maps of each area Check out the maps of each area, and where to find them in your own game.
How to change the time of day Things happen at certain times of day, and sometimes you might need to wait.
How to turn off PVP multiplayer Sick of getting invaded by other players? Here's how to turn off multiplayer.
Crank-wheel location Track down a crank-wheel so you can start opening some safes.
Voice actors and cast list Learn the names of all the voice actors in Deathloop, from the main Visionaries to every Eternalist.

Deathloop is a rich experience with a whole lot of clues to find and mysteries to solve. We’ll be sure to keep this Deathloop strategy guide updated with hot new content to aid your mission across the time-looping Blackreef.

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