Ordnance Depot battery locations - Deathloop

Here's where you can find four batteries to open the door in the Ordnance Depot in Deathloop.


Give us a door that asks for four batteries to open it, and we’ll spend an hour finding those batteries to get my sweet reward. If you find yourself at the Ordnance Depot, desperately trying to open double doors that require four batteries, we’re here to help. Here’s where to find batteries to open the Ordnance Depot door in Deathloop.

Ordnance Depot battery locations

Ordnance Depot Battery Locations Deathloop

The batteries required to open the locked double doors in the Ordnance Depot can all be found nearby. Here are a few examples to help you out.

  • One battery is already in the door
  • One batter is just outside the room, powering the light
  • Multiple batteries are deeper in the Ordnance Depot
  • Multiple batteries are in the Loop Control Center
  • Batteries can be removed from turrets
  • You can order batteries from Gideon delivery booths (do this in the Morning to have them delivered at Noon or later)

Right off the bat, players have one battery already placed in the door and powered on. Next, head out to the main hall of the Ordnance Depot and you’ll see a light. That light is being powered by a battery that you can swipe and place in the door, which will get you halfway there.

Now, as you entered the Ordnance Depot for the first time you would have passed through a revolving metal door that you had to climb up to. It’s a room that you stand in, and there is an empty slot for a battery there. If you place a battery there – the one from the light nearby will do – and press the button, the revolving door will shift, and you can explore deeper into the Ordnance Depot. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you find dozens of tripwire traps, explosive traps, and enemies. There are several batteries in that area as you explore.

Perhaps the easiest place to get batteries, however, is from the Loop Control Center, and you’re going to have to head over there anyway if this is your first time in The Complex. Once you go to the Loop Control Center you’ll find several batteries on the floor, as well as charging station you can use to recharge them. It’s a bit of a hike, but you can clear out the enemies in this area, then grab the batteries from the Loop Control Center and cart them back over to the Ordnance Depot.

Once you open the double doors within the Ordnance Depot, you’ll be able to head inside and snag some cool pistols called Strelak Verso. This is a gold weapon that can be transformed into an SMG and will have one other random perk. Check out our guide on all gold weapons in Deathloop so you can get yourself kitted out.

Now that you know where to find batteries to open the door to the Ordnance Depot, be sure to visit our Deathloop strategy guide for more help with breaking – or protecting – the loop.

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