All Gold & unique weapons - Deathloop

Arm yourself with gold weapons and other unique guns in Deathloop so you have a better chance of assassinating the Visionaries.


Gold weapons are the top-tier class of guns in Deathloop. There are four of these to find in Blackreef and each one requires a bit of work to unlock. Outside of these Gold guns, there are also a host of Purple and other unique weapons that are worth collecting – if you find them.

All Gold & unique weapons

Deathloop has a lot of unique weapons with the most powerful being the Gold tier guns. There are only four of these to find in the game, and each one boasts either unique firing modes or some other element that isn’t featured on the Purple guns. The gold class weapons can also come with different perks, so it’s worth collecting them again if you’re not in love with the perks you got. While you're out there getting guns, you should als be hunting down Slabs and their upgrades.

Strelak Verso

The Strelak Verso is a pair of pistols that can turn into an SMG at the touch of a button. These weapons are found inside the Ordnance Depot beneath The Complex. You can gain access to this location at Noon. Below are some directions on where to find the batteries, but you can also check out our other guide, Ordnance Depot battery locations, for a thorough explanation of how you might also find some batteries.

deathloop strelak verso
You must find three batteries to open the door to unlock the Strelak Verso.

The Ordnance Depot is locked and you will need to find three batteries in order to gain access. To do this, it can be a good idea to use the Gideon Fry delivery booth to order a battery – this will help if you can’t seem to find one.

deathloop ordnance depot batteries

As for the batteries you can find inside the bunker, the first one is powering the floodlight on the forklift right outside of the room with the battery slots. You will need to take this to the circular room you entered through. Put it into the battery slot to rotate the walls, granting you access to another room.

The second battery is powering another floodlight which is found after passing through the circular room. You can place this inside the circular room for safekeeping.

deathloop gold guns

The third battery you need is on the lower level, through an area covered in water. You will need to sneak through a vent to reach a small room with an orb in the middle. The battery is in a small station beside it.

Take all three batteries back to the Ordnance Depot door. You may need to backtrack to the first rotating room (there are two). Insert the batteries into their slots to access the Strelak Verso.

Constancy Automatic

deathloop constancy automatic
Constancy Automatic is dropped by the Visionary called Frank.

The Constancy Automatic is another gold-tier weapon, and it’s one of the easiest to acquire. The only problem with unlocking it is that it’s being held by a Visionary - none other than Frank. This musician can be found on Fristad Rock (which is where you’ll also find Fia’s pictogram clues and the code to the Gideon delivery booths).

How you tackle killing Frank is entirely up to you. Accessing the building through the entrance means using a ClassPass, which nullifies your abilities – this is not a great idea. Instead, search the caverns in the middle of the area (where the bar is) and you’ll find an access point into the bathroom. Now you can sneak around the inside of the building, disable the security, and use your Slabs.

Frank is locked in his recording booth. You’ll need to hack the antenna on the left door to go in there and get him, or just kill all the Eternalists and wait for him to come out. When he dies, grab the Constancy Automatic gun from him.

Sepulchra Breteira

deathloop sepulchra breteira

The Sepulchra Breteira is a sniper rifle that can be unlocked in the Afternoon in Updaam. When you enter Updaam, an Angry Eternalist will let you know that they’ve left a “surprise” for you near Dorsey Mansion. Track this new discovery to easily locate the gift.

Work your way to the opposite side of Updaam, to Aleksis’ mansion, and you’ll see the large gift on the ground. This is quite obviously an ambush. Instead of opening it immediately, take a moment to clear out the threats.

deathloop an angry eternalist

As for where you’ll find the Sepulchra Breteira, it’s being held by the Angry Eternalist, who is watching you from the apartment above the Bakery. Get in there, kill them, and claim your actual prize. While you're there, you might as well try to solve the glyph safe code beneath Aleksis' mansion.

The Heritage Gun

deathloop heritage gun

Heritage is by far the most tedious gold-tier weapon to get in Deathloop, but totally worth it. This is only available in Karl’s Bay at Night, as it’s the only time Charlie’s game, the Fathoms of Lament, is active. This game requires you to track down several presents, open them, and then complete a time trial in the Fathoms of Lament building – don’t worry, this one is easier than The Moxie in Updaam. You can also check out the Haul-A-Quin while you're in Karl's Bay. Inside Fathoms of Lament, you'll find a map that shows the location of each gift you have to track down. All but two gift locations are randomized per playthrough.

deathloop fathoms of lament gifts

As for finding the presents, start at Colt’s tunnels, and get ready for some fighting, sneaking, and jumping. It’s a good idea to have Shift for this one. The first box is in the street near the tunnel entrances, in a corridor of TVs. There will be two Eternalists poking at it. You can either kill them and open it yourself, or let them crack it open.

Unfortunately, the gift location will always be randomized, even if you start the day again. The only constants are one in the Dawn of Reason and one in the second hangar (where Harriet and her ritual cult would be), both attached to small challenges.

deathloop dawn of reason

This gift in the Dawn of Reason building is locked behind a door inside. You will need to find the code clues that are painted around the room. The code to this one is random, as are the locations of the paintings. Look for the lines in the middle of the paintings to work out the order of the codes. The paintings match the shape of the lock, but no numbers are on the painting so you will need to intuit the correct digit.

This final gift is always inside Hangar 2 and is unlocked by completing a time trial. You must pull the six levers in the correct order. Start with the one beside the gift, then cross the gas to the other side to hit the second lever. The third lever is on the next level down, beside the cockpit of the plane Harriet uses. The fourth one is at the far back of the room, opposite Harriet’s speaking platform. The fifth is up high again (same level as the first two). The last one is on top of the plane in the middle of the hangar. Go back to the first lever and open the gift (it might explode). Use an upgraded Shift Slab to make this far easier.

With all the presents claimed, go to the Fathoms of Lament building. Inside this building is a time trial, which you can retry if you fail (no need to restart the day). Before you start, break down the boards that are hiding a crack in the wall and disable the nullifier. Now all you need to do is go through the obstacle course, hitting the levers in the correct order while avoiding the lasers. If you touch a laser, you must go back to the first lever and pull it to turn the lasers back on. Use the Shift ability to make this one a lot easier.

Once the time trial has been passed, return to the main room of the building and claim the Heritage shotgun from its tube. This thing has two firing modes and hits like a truck.

Finding all the gold class unique weapons in Deathloop is worth the effort. These guns are rather special, featuring unique firing modes and features not available on the purple weapons. What’s more, these guns can have random perks, which means you can keep collecting them until you find one with perks you really like. There are more unique guns to find in Deathloop, so continue searching until you have an arsenal you like. Remember to learn how to keep items between loops so you don’t lose all your good gear. Stop by the Shacknews Deathloop strategy guide for more collectible guides and code hints.

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