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Codes to the glyph safe - Deathloop

Find the clues to open the glyph safe beneath Aleksis' mansion in Updaam in Deathloop.


Hidden in a cave beneath Aleksis’ mansion is a safe and a map of glyphs. This is Deathloop’s glyph safe, which can only be unlocked by finding the code, which is scattered in pieces around the map. Armed with only the map, the noted pinned to it, and three triangles, you’ll need to figure out the code to get what’s inside.

Glyph safe beneath Aleksis’ mansion

deathloop glyph safe beneath aleksis mansion

To unlock the glyph safe beneath Aleksis’ mansion, you will need to go around town, to each of the points on the map, and find the number that is hidden there. The numbers are found: at the points of the triangle, the X down south, the circle with the question mark, and the skull icon.

Glyph safe number locations

deathloop glyph safe codes
  • On the doorstep of the library above the plague that reads, “Bad Luck Mary’s Lucky Day”
  • On Charlie’s Condition Attachment island, above a roller
  • On the wall of a garage, a short walk from the tunnel entrance
  • On the wall of the building overlooking the south of Updaam
  • Below Colt’s apartment, near the plague that reads, “The Final Nights of Bad Luck Mary”
  • Up the street from Otto’s, written on the wall of a house

From here, you must enter the numbers into the safe by referring to the three triangles. Start with the number at the corner with no line, the next number should be the corner with a single line, and the last number is the corner with double-lines.

  • The first code is the building on the left, the ring, and then Charlie’s Condition Detachment.
  • The second code is near Otto’s building, the building down south, and then the ring
  • The last code is the ring, Bad Luck Mary’s death plague, and then the building down south.
deathloop glyph safe

These were my codes, they might be different for you:

  • 4-5-7
  • 3-1-5
  • 5-4-1

Your reward for all this effort? A flask imbued with Residuum. This is worth getting early on, especially if you’re low on Residuum, as it will get you 5,000 units of this important material. It’s a handy way of ensuring you get enough Residuum to infuse some gear. The safe can only be opened once per day, and it appears as if the contents do not change.

With the code to the glyph safe beneath Aleksis’ mansion opened, you can get back to focusing on the matter at hand: finding information on the Visionaries. There are plenty more codes and secrets to find in Blackreef, so check out the Shacknews Deathloop Guide for more help.

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