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Codes to three locks in Updaam apartment - Deathloop

Discover the codes to the three locks as part of the Pact of Smoke in the Updaam apartment in Deathloop.


In Deathloop, there’s an apartment in Updaam that has three locks on the wall and a smoking or “hookah” machine. This apartment is home to the Pact of Smoke, a contract between three of Blackreef’s Eternalists. Players that want to see what’s in the room will need to track down three unique codes from Cass, Vanya, and Anatoly.

Pact of Smoke codes – Updaam apartment locks

The Pact of Smoke is a side quest players can find in an Updaam apartment in Deathloop. This apartment is right behind Colt’s. Players can take a look inside the apartment at most times during the day, except at Noon, which is when the three residents will be engaged in their smoking activity.

By investigating the apartment in the Morning, you can discover the smoking machine (which looks like a hookah device) as well as a note in the corner mentioning how only one pipe is safe. Basically, Cass has ensured that the two other users will die by inhaling poison. In order to get the codes, you must change who will be the sole survivor – whoever survives will be in their home, which is where you can find the codes.

deathloop apartment three locks pact of smoke
There is an apartment in Updaam that has three locks on the door. This is part of the Pact of Smoke.

As for actually doing this, begin by visiting the apartment in the Morning and reading everything in there. If Cass’ code is not there, you may need to come back in the Afternoon, after Cass has survived. To do this, do not touch the button. Once you know Cass’ code, you can start a new day and press the button to change the green light.

When the green light is at the top, Vanya will survive. You can find Vanya’s house in Karl’s Bay in the Afternoon. The code is in the kitchen near some large vats. When the green light is at the bottom, Anatoly will survive. Anatoly’s house is also in Karl’s Bay, which you must visit in the Afternoon. The code is beside the fireplace.

With all three codes, you can visit the Updaam apartment at any time (except Noon, that’s when they smoke) and input the codes. The little door will unlock and you can see what they’ve been hiding in that room. There are no weapons or trinkets in there, but we’ll leave it a surprise so you can see for yourself.

Solving the Pact of Smoke mystery in Deathloop requires tracking down three unique codes for the three locks in the Updaam apartment. This will take roughly three in-game days, so make sure you set aside some time to sort this one out. Hop on over to the Shacknews Deathloop strategy guide for more solutions to the game’s many mysteries.

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