All Character Trinkets - Deathloop

A list of all Character Trinkets in Deathloop and a way to unlock more to complete your collection.


Character Trinkets are one of the many ways players can customize Colt in Deathloop. These little trinkets boost Colts stats, improve how he interacts with the world, or offer some general gameplay advantage. Finding and unlocking all of the Character Trinkets is going to take a bit of time, as the majority of them are randomly acquired.

All Character Trinkets

deathloop character trinkets
There are several dozen Character Trinkets to unlock in Deathloop.

Below are all the Character Trinkets in Deathloop, organized alphabetically. These are also the Exemplar (purple) versions of the trinkets. I’ve chosen to exclude the gray and turquoise as those are quickly replaced and not worth keeping. The only exemption is Poisoned Chalice, which has no Exemplar equivalent and is acquired by opening the gift where you unlock the Sepulchra Breteira.

Character Trinkets
Trinket name Effect
Backstabber Deal greatly increased damage when attacking from behind. Clever you.
Bloodthirsty Brawler Recover a lot of health when dealing melee damage.
Cat Fall Take very little damage from most falls.
Comeback Kid Regenerate significantly more total health.
Creeping Death Make barely a whisper of a sound while moving. Be the night breeze.
Deep Pockets Carry a crap-ton more ammunition. Too much is never enough.
Double Trouble Shot spread is greatly decreased when dual-wielding. Double fisting!
Explosive Healing Your mines and grenades are medical marvels, significantly healing those they hit.
Extended Signal Hack devices from crazy far away.
Fast Hands Reload both guns in a blink of an eye when dual-wielding. Like a cowboy, baby.
Glass Cannon Dealing great damage comes with taking great damage.
Golden Harvest Harvest a hefty amount of Residuum from all sources. Tasty.
Gunslinger Recoil is greatly reduced while dual-wielding. Silky smooth.
Hard Headed Take significantly reduced damage from headshots. Who needs helmets?
Juiced Up Maximum power is greatly increased. Maximum. Power.
Last Stand Deal greatly increased damage when low on health. That your blood or theirs?
Master Hacker The Hackamajig hacks with a red hot quickness. Next gen tech today!
Mechanical Affinity Friendly nearby turrets become solid murder machines. Nullifiers toughen up.
Mine Own Hack mines. Turn them against your enemies or detonate them remotely. Thanks, Mr. Hackamajig!
Never Say Die Maximum health is greatly increased. You're built to last.
Party Time Take less damage when people are closeby. Go get 'em, tiger.
Personal Touch Barehanded assassinations are quicker, and you kick like a mule.
Pistolero Deal greatly increased damage while dual-wielding. Bang bang.
Plasma Power When you're out of power, Slabs draw incredibly efficiently from your health.
Poisoned Chalice This trinket drains your health. In exchange? Jack shit.
Remote Overload The Hackamajig can detonate hacked devices. Hacked scout radios explode during alarms.
Renewable Your power regenerates faster than fast. Science!
Scavenger's Luck Loot loads more ammunition from all sources. Waste not, want not.
Silver Lining Add many bullets that hit you to your own ammunition. Return to sender.
Slick Slide Slide for miles and miles. Well, for a pretty long distance anyway.
Slow Fuse Enemies' explosives take a lot longer to detonate.
Splashdown Create a big ol' blast when you drop from a height. You're the bomb.
Spring Heeled Double-jump in mid-air. A classic maneuver.
Sprinter Move with great speed. Ride the wind.
Stab N Grab Melee kills grant you loads of ammo. Wouldn't want it to go to waste.
Steel Lungs Gas exposure now heals you. Enjoy the scent of airborne toxins in the morning.
Stone Wall Receive and inflict minimal damage. Be the concrete slab you always wanted to be.
Swift Shadow Move swiftly while crouched, like some kind of sleek mega murder crab.
Swift Stitch Regenerate health so fast you might look younger.
Tracker Your charges do no damage, instead marking enemies with Focus in an expansive radius.
Turtle Shell Greatly reduces damage taken.
Unstoppable Force Sprinting into an enemy damages them significantly and knocks them the fuck over.

How to get Character Trinkets

deathloop unlock character trinkets

For those looking to collect all the Character Trinkets, knowing how to get more is going to be important. For the most part, acquiring Character Trinkets is going to be random, either by finding them in the environment or collecting them off of enemies.

However, the best way to acquire Character Trinkets is to defeat Visionaries, Julianna, or by completing the side quests hidden around Blackreef, such as the Haul-A-Quin or Residuum Experiment.

Unlocking all Character Trinkets in Deathloop is going to take a bit of effort. These are really only available randomly, with a few locations guaranteed to drop specific ones. But Colt’s got all the time in the world, so get to looping and finding more. Stop by the Shacknews Deathloop Guide for answers to all your questions.

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