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Tunnel Access Code - Deathloop

Find out how to get the Tunnel Access Code for Colt in Deathloop.


Deathloop is full of lots of locked doors that require codes to unlock. The first code players will need to find is the Tunnel Access Code right at the start of the game. Colt can’t remember what it is, but thankfully it’s an easy one to find.

Tunnel Access Code

The Tunnel Access Code in Deathloop is found only by progressing the story. It is a dynamic code that is different for every player, and on every playthrough. If you had one code the first time you played, it will be entirely different the next time. That said, you will almost certainly find this code on your own without the help of this guide, so feel free to back out if you don’t want things spoiled for you. We suggest our Deathloop strategy guide as an ideal place to go in case you get stuck again

To find the code, kick open the boarded-up tunnel to the right of the door you don’t have the code for. You can follow this tunnel until you are taught to stealth kill a single guard with their back to you. Keep going through the mountain pass until you see a building in the distance. There will be one guard close to you and three talking closer to the house. Dispatch them or sneak past as you see fit, then enter the building. Head to the second floor and into the library and then pull the lever. Once you’re able, shoot out the window and jump. This will take you back to the beach to begin your second loop.

Tunnel Access Code Deathloop

You’ll find out via the cinematic that the code you require is on the postcard tucked into the Hackamajig. You cannot view this postcard your first time through, so you didn’t miss anything. Now that you’ve respawned on the beach, though, you know where to look. Get off the beach and into your hideout. This time, when Colt picks up the Hackamajig, he’ll see the Tunnel Access Code. If you approach the locked tunnel door, you will have the option to either input the code manually or automatically. Your choice.

Now that you now how to find the code and you’ve acquired your unique Tunnel Access Code, let us help you get the Gold Strelak Verso pistols that turn into an SMG if you so desire.

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