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Where to get a ClassPass - Deathloop

Find a ClassPass in Deathloop so you can access Charlie's secret room in Condition Detachment.


A ClassPass is all that stands between you and Charlie’s secrets in Deathloop. Early on in the game, it’s not exactly clear what this is and where to get one. However, with a bit of exploring and some careful movement, you’ll be able to get a ClassPass, take it back to Condition Detachment, and see what Charlie has been hiding.

Where to get a ClassPass

The first time you make it over to Charlie’s Condition Detachment amusement activity, you’ll no doubt stumble across a locked door that requires the ClassPass. Thankfully, getting one is relatively easy. You can find a ClassPass on Fristad Rock, right outside of Frank’s big recording studio. It’s best to get this in the Morning so you can take it back to Condition Detachment in Updaam at Noon. This will also give you an opportunity to nab Frank's gun, the Gold tier Constancy Automatic.

deathloop classpass
You will need a ClassPass to open up the door beneath Condition Detachment.

While finding a ClassPass is easy, getting it back to Condition Detachment certainly isn’t. The reason for this is that it is basically a nullifier: it prevents you from using any of your Slabs. This means you won’t be able to use Shift to quickly get over the rooftops or Aether to disappear and sneak by your enemies. You’ll need to rely on your guns and your knowledge of the area.

When you grab the ClassPass from Fristad Rock, focus on getting back to the tunnels. The game will inform you that you will lose it if you die or reach the end of the day. When you’re back at the area-select screen, try and configure your loadout for stealth (suppressed weapons make this easy) but also give yourself something strong in case you need to go load.

As for getting the ClassPass to Condition Detachment, track the building using your discoveries and start creeping your way there. Try to avoid detection by hacking sensors and turrets from a distance (you can start the hack and then slip back behind a wall).

When you reach Condition Detachment, you may need to kill the Eternalists out the front of the amusement park. You don’t actually need to go inside the game, just sneak around the left side of the building to reach the locked door. There’s a station inside the room so you can remove the ClassPass as soon as you’re in.

Finding a ClassPass in Deathloop is rather important if you want to fully explore the Condition Detachment game in Updaam. It’s no easy task though, as the thing prevents you from using any of your abilities. Head on over to the Shacknews Deathloop strategy guide for more solutions to the game’s many secrets.

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