How to open HZN doors - Deathloop

Discover how to open the HZN doors (Horizon) that are tucked around Blackreef in Deathloop.


There are a few doors in Deathloop labelled “HZN”. These HZN doors, also known as Horizon doors, are all locked, with no clear way in. This is no doubt troubling to many players, as opening doors and exploring areas is what we do best. Though there is a way to open these doors, you might have to wait a while before you can see what secrets lie behind them.

How to open the HZN doors

Opening the HZN doors is directly tied to the story. This means you must open them as you play the game and continue to work out how to take out all the Visionaries. You will not miss opening these up, as it is required for you to actually finish the game. In saying all that, if you still want to know exactly how to unlock the HZN doors, we’ve got you covered.

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To unlock the HZN doors, you must progress down the lead, Radio Silence. This lead has you investigating Julianna and what she knows about Blackreef. At a certain point, you will gain access to another bunker under The Complex, this one filled with six large generators.

By turning on the six generators, you will be able to restore power to three of the four HZN doors (there’s one in each area). There’s only enough power to activate three at a time. To solve this problem, power up the HZN door in The Complex, go and see what’s inside, and then power it down. Now you can divert power to the three other doors.

deathloop hzn doors
These levers control the power to the HZN doors.

Because this mission takes place in the Morning, you will only have three times of day to search the other three locations. To complicate the matter, Fristad Rock and Karl’s Bay aren’t always available. So the best order to visit the locations is: Updaam at Noon, Fristad Rock in the Afternoon, and then Karl’s Bay at Night.

Figuring out how to open the HZN doors in Deathloop is quite a puzzle, especially early on in the game. These Horizon doors don’t have any power going to them and it’s not clear how to actually provide them with any. Keep following the story and you’ll eventually gain access. While you do that, check out the Shacknews Deathloop strategy guide for more help with other mysteries and secrets.

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