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Gideon Fry delivery booths - Deathloop

Where to find the code for the Gideon Fry delivery booths and how to use them to order goods in Deathloop.


Gideon Fry has four delivery booths dotted around the island of Blackreef in Deathloop. As you’ve no doubt heard him yelling about, these delivery booths are a great way to order goods to specific areas on the island. The only trouble is that you probably don’t know the Gideon delivery booth code at the start of Deathloop.

Gideon Fry delivery booth code

Before you can use the Gideon Fry delivery booths, you will first need to know the code. The code to the Gideon delivery booths is found in Fia’s bunker on Fristad Rock at Noon. Reaching this location can be a bit tricky if you’re unfamiliar with the area, so follow these steps. This is also where you will need to go for the mission that has you tracking down Fia's pictogram clues.

deathloop delivery booth code
The delivery booth code is inside Fia's bunker on Fristad Rock.

Go to Fristad Rock at Noon (it’s the only time Fia is in her bunker). Exit the tunnels to find yourself below the massive AEON sign with some Eternalists lingering around some cars. Go behind the sign and work your way around to the right to the bay – there will be a lot of trucks, Eternalists, and mines on the ground.

Instead of going down to the shore, go up the hill towards the bunker with the crane holding the big “O” (this is where Julianna’s tunnel-blocking antenna is). Go to the other side of the bunker to find another cliff overlooking a shore, there should be some Eternalists defending the entrance to the bunker, which will be open.

deathloop gideon delivery booth code location
Your delivery booth code will be different. You must go and find it.

Go inside the bunker and look through the window on your right to spot the Gideon delivery booth code on the whiteboard. You can smash the window and climb through (or use Shift) to get a better view. You may need to write this number down because Colt can't interact with it to make an automatic note of it in the game. Input the code at any Gideon Fry booth and it will become permanently known for all of them.

With the code in hand, you can now use it at any Gideon Fry delivery booth to order some goods. Now you need to know how to use them.

How to use the Gideon Fry delivery booth

deathloop how to use delivery booth
You can order supplies to any of the locations around Blackreef. It will take some time to get there, though.

After you’ve collected the code to the delivery booth, you can now order goods to be delivered to any location, from any of the booths around Blackreef. If you leave your order in a booth, you cannot order another one. These delivery booths make it much easier to get weapons like the Gold Strelak Verso.

  1. Go to a Gideon Fry delivery booth
  2. Enter the code
  3. Select which area Gideon should delivery your goods to
  4. Choose which item to have delivered
    1. Battery
    2. Crank wheel
    3. Nullifier
    4. Turret
  5. Go to that area and collect your goods from the booth

Finding the code for the Gideon Fry delivery booth is a great idea, as it’s an excellent way to get a crank wheel for some of those pesky safes or some of the puzzles dotted around the map. It’s also one way to get a battery for the Haul-A-Quin in Karl’s Bay. Skip on over to the Shacknews Deathloop Strategy Guides for more tips and hints.

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