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Colt's safe code - Deathloop

Learn how to get the code for the safe located in Colt's Updaam flat.


Deathloop is full of things to unlock and puzzles to solve. Something players may come across early is a safe located in Colt’s Updaam flat. Normally video games hide safe codes close by, but Deathloop isn’t a normal video game. Here’s how you can find Colt’s safe code.

Colt’s safe code

Colt Safe Code Deathloop

Colt’s safe code is found on a note called Paint-Smudge Missive, which is located in the AEON Program’s Security Office on Fristad Rock. It’s important to note that the first time players visit Colt’s flat in Updaam, they cannot open the safe. Furthermore, safe and door codes are not static in Deathloop, so the code will not be the same between players or even when starting a new game. The code will be different every time you play, meaning you must go get it from the AEON Program’s Security Office on Fristad Rock.

For those concerned that they could miss this code, it’s not possible. The story will guide players directly to it via objectives and waypoints, so you’ll find it naturally as you play Deathloop. In fact, that’s the case for quite a few quests and items required in the first couple of hours of the game, so don’t hesitate to keep moving forward and exploring on your own. When it’s time for things to open up a bit, Deathloop will let you know.

When you reach the AEON Program’s Security Office, Colt’s safe code can be found behind the desk. You should have a waypoint showing you this but, if you don’t, you can look at the screenshot I’ve included above to see exactly where it is.

Now that you know how to get Colt’s safe code, be sure to visit our Deathloop strategy guide for more help with everything required for you to break the loop.


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