Crank-Wheel location - Deathloop

Learn where you can find the Crank-Wheel in Deathloop.


Just about every building Colt enters in Deathloop will have a puzzle to solve. In this guide, I’m going to help you find the Crank-Wheel to use in the Loop Control Center. It’s not far away, but there is a catch to using this object.

Crank-Wheel location

The Crank-Wheel is located in the Laboratory Annex, just outside of the Loop Control Center in the region known as The Complex. The story will guide players to the Loop Control Center. It’s there that they will watch a quick movie on a projector. When the movie is over, go around to the back of the projection screen to find a door. Go out that door and down the steps. When you walk outside, you’ll see a small building a short distance away. That is the Laboratory Annex. Just be sure to use the Hackamajig to disable the Sensor as you leave the Loop Control Center.

Once you’re in the Laboratory Annex, the Crank-Wheel can be picked up from a desk in the first room. At that point it can be used in one of two places: either in the Loop Control Center to pick up the Residuum Experiment, or just outside of the Loop Control Center’s front doors on the safe that contains a gun.

Using the Crank-Wheel to pick up the Residuum Experiment will cause some enemies to attack. They will be easy to defeat, but the Residuum Experiment is ticking down, so time is of the essence. Since two of the exits are now locked, head out the main doors and turn left. You can then loop around and head back into the Laboratory Annex to use the Residuum Experiment. I suggest sprinting if you plan to make it in time.

If you’d rather use your fancy Crank-Wheel to get a weapon, use it on the safe just outside of the Loop Control Center. When it opens you can snag The Fourpounder, a Purple gun. The catch with this is that once the loop resets, and it will if this is your first time here, you’ll lose the gun. Truthfully, you don’t need to use the Crank-Wheel until you come back to his area in the future.

Whatever you choose, now you know where to find the Crank-Wheel in Deathloop. For more help with all the puzzles and nifty secrets, be sure to visit the Deathloop strategy guide.

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