How to kill all eight Visionary targets - Deathloop

Discover the best way to take down all of the Visionaries in Deathloop, the targets Colt has been working to kill.


Deathloop features a time-looping story that tasks players with tracking down and defeating eight Visionary targets. The one caveat is that they must all be dead within a single loop. For those that are wondering what sort of freedom is involved in this, whether there is an optimal method, or some other query, we’ve got you covered.

How to kill all eight Visionaries

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SPOILER WARNING!: Before we go too far, it’s worth noting that this guide will contain spoilers. Do not continue any further if you wish to preserve the mystery of Deathloop.

With all that said, one thing we must clarify is that despite being relatively open to how you approach each area, killing all eight Visionaries in Deathloop in a single loop must be done in a specific way. That is to say, the game is structured in such a way that as you progress through the story, you will eventually learn the correct way to kill all the targets.

deathloop kill all visionaries

Let’s clarify that last statement a bit further. You can still kill the targets using whatever means you have at your disposal: pushing them off a cliff, sniping them in the face, using Nexus or some other damage-dealing Slab. The limit is that the Visionary must be in the correct area at the correct time. For example, defeating Charlie at Noon in Condition Detachment is not how you will kill all eight targets at the same time.

Morning – Karl’s Bay

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Harriet is only available at the Hangar 2 in Karl’s Bay in the Morning. While there, sabotage the fireworks by messing with the rain flaps. This effectively means Frank will die via his fireworks later – no need to visit him on Fristad Rock. This is also a good opportunity to check out the Haul-A-Quin.

Noon – The Complex

At Noon, go to The Complex and shut down Egor’s experiment. This will cause him to go to Aleksis’ party in the evening. This is all you need to do here, but it could be worth solving the Residuum Experiment while you’re there for the character trinket.

Afternoon – Fristad Rock

Go to Fristad Rock in the Afternoon to find Charlie and Fia. Two birds with one stone. They are locked deep in a bunker along the shoreline. Ensure you follow the story missions to gain access, as it requires fetching a code from Karl’s Bay and solving Fia’s pictogram clues. If you can manage, try and defeat them with one bullet, or just follow the lead to completion and flood the place in which they're staying.

Night – Updaam

If you’ve been following the storyline, you should have already ensured that Wenjie is at the party at Night in Updaam. This is accomplished by following the Wenjie and 2-BIT storyline that sees you creating a recording of Aleksis that plays each loop that convinces Wenjie to be at the party. By playing the previous three time points correctly, you will have Wenjie, Egor and Aleksis at the party, with Frank succumbing to his fireworks while you’re on your way to Aleksis’ mansion. Remember to check out the glyph safe beneath his mansion.

In terms of killing the three Visionaries at the party, that’s entirely up to you. You can bait Aleksis to the dance floor by playing his DJ set, make him annoyed by turning off his beer, or using bullets. Wenjie and Egor may be hanging out together on top of the building with a bunch of Eternalists. Take them out however you see fit.

When all the Visionaries are defeated, you must now use the flying vehicle inside the RAK bunker in Updaam to reach the machine overlooking the whole island. In here you will find Julianna, which is where you must make your final decision regarding the fate of Blackreef.

As we mentioned above, while there are a couple of different opportunities to kill the Visionaries, the story follows a set path that requires them to be in specific locations in order to kill all eight targets in one loop. Rest assured, that once you do kill all Visionaries in Deathloop, you will be able to continue playing – it does not automatically wipe your progress. Stop by the Shacknews Deathloop Guide for more resources.

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