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Fia's pictogram clues - Deathloop

Find Fia's pictogram clues inside her bunker in Fristad Rock so you can access her and Charlie's secret spot in Deathloop.


Fia’s pictograms are well hidden in her bunker in Deathloop. These pictograms, or paintings, are what you will need to find if you’re to access Fia and Charlie’s secret hiding spot in Fristad Rock. These pictograms can be quite difficult to find, as the bunker is full of twists and turns.

This guide is under construction as we cross-reference more clues.

Fia’s pictogram clues

To begin your search for Fia’s pictograms, you will need to go to Fristad Rock at Noon (you can also find the code to the Gideon delivery booths here). This is the only time the artist is at home in her bunker. Use the Visionary tab to track the mission, which will make it easier to find and access her bunker. Each player will have four different clues, with four different images. This means you will need to use the clue in-game and match it to a clue below. Remember, your painting will look different, this is just to show you where to find them.

Wants for power

deathloop fias pictograms wants for power

This pictogram is inside a cage with lasers around the top. You can reach it by making your way to the reactor in the bunker and going to the right of it to drop down into a crawl space. Follow this to a vent on the wall with a button. Break the vent and press the button to make the fan blades stop spinning. Climb up the shaft and into the next vent. Go all the way to the end to enter the cage.

Alternatively, you might be able to Shift over the top of the cage (where the lasers are) or use a battery to open the gate. A battery is found in the office area to the right of the entrance. Smash the glass and jump inside. It’s below the blue schematics. A charging station can be found in a small room near the cage.

Enlivens the lockers

deathloop fias pictograms enlivens the lockers

The second pictogram of Fia’s is found in the locker area to the left of the entrance to the bunker. Enter the bunker and go left through the corridors and into the locker room. The art is painted on the back of some lockers.

Marks Fia’s stage exit

deathloop fias pictograms marks fias stage exit

Found on the door opposite the reactor in the center of the bunker. The other side of the door has a sign that says “Forever Young”. You can find this by looking for the main path that Fia has painted.

Adds color to tools and schema

deathloop fias pictograms adds color to tools and schema

The fourth pictogram is in the room with the battery charger mentioned above. The painting is on the wall by the door.

Lubricates the shaft

This pictogram is found in the elevator shaft.

Tends the main hall

Another pictogram is in the main hall leading to the reactor.

Lurks beneath the wheeled behemoth

To find this pictogram, search under a large vehicle in the main hall.

Finding all four of Fia’s pictogram clues for Charlie can be a bit of an undertaking. The paintings are tucked away in some unusual places, and there are even some red herrings thrown about for good measure. However, once you find the paintings in Fristad Rock, you’ll be one step closer to taking out all those Visionaries. Stop by the Shacknews Deathloop strategy guide page for more tips to help you on your journey.

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