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Evening Reading - June 1, 2022

A look back at everything you might have missed from the Shacknews team today, along with some fun finds from the net!


May has come and gone and with its departure comes the arrival of bright, sunny June. We have a plethora of exciting things to look forward to in June including Shacknews’ upcoming E6 event.

You can also look forward to more of everyone's favorite recap… Evening Reading! Here, you can run through all the news and features of the day, and enjoy some fun content from the net. Ready to get your recap started? Pull up a chair, get comfy, and dive in with us as we dig into tonight’s Evening Reading!

In case you missed it at Shacknews:

And now, other stuff from the internet!


Always make sure your Pikachu has a spotter.


The design, it's too cute!

Ooh, spicy

I love both of them already lol.

Back to Lechonk, though...

I lost it at "Team Chris P. Bacon" lol.

Ok, last Lechonk I promise

Lechonk, the muscular chonk.

More of Morgan's Music Nonsense

Pokemon and Lechonk appreciation aside, you know me and my lack of self-control when I'm doing Evening Reading so... it's song recommendation time lol. This time I'm focusing on some of my all-time favorites; these are all songs that mean a lot to me starting with 3 Libras by A Perfect Circle, AKA one of the few songs that hurts me on a deep emotional level but I love to pieces all the same. 

10 Years

The entire Autumn Effect album from start to finish is an absolute delight.

The Pale White

Guarantee you've never heard this one before. It reminds me a little of Audiovent, another band that's fairly obscure that released one album in 2002 and then disappeared, and I like it a lot because of that, among other reasons.

Fiona Apple

I feel like I relate to Fiona Apple a lot, and I love all of her music, but this one in particular has always been a standout for me.

And there you have it, the Evening Reading for Wednesday, June 1. As a quick reminder, if you love what we do here at Shacknews, you can help support the site by subscribing to Shacknews Mercury for as little as $1 a month.

Ippo says if you haven't already, you should download Shackpets. It's free, and lets you see tons of cute pet pics, his included.

It’s now time to turn it over to Chatty. Have you found anything fun on the net you’d like to share with us? How are you doing on this fine Wednesday evening? Comment below and let us know!

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