Everything leaving Destiny 2 with The Witch Queen

Every Exotic, Catalyst, cosmetic item, and activity being vaulted when Destiny 2: The Witch Queen releases.


Destiny 2: The Witch Queen releases in February 2022, and though it might bring a wealth of new stuff, there is also going to be a lot of content vaulted. If you want to fully prepare for the release of the next expansion, you will need to know everything leaving Destiny 2 with The Witch Queen. This includes Exotic weapons, Catalysts, quests and other bits and pieces.

Note that these items are not being removed from your Collections – you still get to keep them! The thing that’s being removed is the way to unlock them. You won’t be able to unlock these things for the first time until Bungie adds a way for you to do so.

Everything leaving Destiny 2 with The Witch Queen

destiny 2 everything leaving with the witch queen

There is a bunch of stuff leaving Destiny 2 on February 22, 2022 when The Witch Queen releases. Probably the most noteworthy things leaving are the locations the Tangled Shore and the H.E.L.M. Wings for the Eliksni and Awoken. What this means is that anything associated with those locations will become unavailable for unlocking.

Between now and the release of the Witch Queen, you should focus on unlocking anything on the following lists that you have yet to earn. You should begin with Exotic weapons and go from there – as you never know which Exotic is going to be the meta choice for the raid in the Witch Queen.

To paint a broad picture, all missions, quests, and bounties from the Tangled Shore are leaving, along with those from the Forsaken campaign, and the four Seasons associated with Beyond Light: Season of the Hunt, Season of the Chosen, Season of the Splicer, and Season of the Lost. Make sure you play through those and use the associated currency if you want to get some gear and dismantle it for more Legendary Shards.

Exotics weapons & Catalysts leaving with The Witch Queen

exotics leaving destiny 2 the witch queen

There aren’t nearly as many Exotic weapons leaving with The Witch Queen as there were with Beyond Light, but there are some important ones heading out. Make sure you get the following Exotics before February.

Exotic weapons

Exotic weapon Quest/Activity to unlock Location required
Ager's Scepter A Hollow Coronation uses Mara Sov's Chambers. Mara Sov's Chambers
Chaperone Holliday Family History (quest is being moved to Shaw Han). N/A
Dead Man's Tale The Voice on the Other Side requires access to Presage. Tangled Shore
Hawkmoon As the Crow Flies requires access to Spider on the Tangled Shore. Tangled Shore
Wish-Ender Wish-Ender requires access to the Tangled Shore. Tangled Shore

Exotic Catalysts

Only a couple of Exotic Catalysts will be unavailable when The Witch Queen releases. Be sure to look over the complete Exotic Catalyst and Masterwork upgrades list so you can power up all your Exotics.

Exotic catalyst Quest/Activity to unlock Location required
Dead Man's Tale Complete At Your Fingertips quest Tangled Shore
Hawkmoon Complete Bird of Prey quest Harbinger mission

Exotic Ghosts, Sparrows, Ships, and Emotes leaving

ghosts sparrows ships leaving destiny 2 witch queen

The other types of Exotics that are leaving Destiny 2 are Ghosts, Sparrows, and Ships. Thankfully, there aren’t too many on this list.

Exotic item Quest/Activity to unlock Location required
Eternal Recurrence Sparrow Complete the Season of the Lost campaign, Wayfinder's Voyage. Mara Sov's chambers
Forbidden Memory Ship Complete the Season of the Splicer campaign, Path of the Splicer. Eliksni quarters
The Fourth Mark Ship Complete the Coup de Grace quest. Tangled Shore
High gravitas Ship Rank 21 at the War Table (Season of the Chosen) War Table
Shell of Gilgamesh Ghost Shell Complete Presage Tangled Shore
Zeroneiro Shell Unpredictable Triumph (Expunge: Delphi without dying) Expunge
Reefborn Warbird Ship Devotee's Remnant Triumph (Acquire Ager's Scepter catalyst) Mara Sov's chambers

 Activities being removed

destiny 2 activities leaving witch queen

There are quite a few activities being removed from Destiny 2 with The Witch Queen. These are activities from Season of the Hunt up to and including Season of the Lost. This means, if you want to farm up some great weapons, you will need to jump in and complete these as soon as possible.

  • Baron Hunts
  • Tangled Shore Public Events and Lost Sectors
  • Wrathborn Hunts
    • Fallen Wrathbron, Savek
    • Fallen Wrathborn, HKD-1
    • Hive Wrathborn, Dul Arath
    • Hive Wrathborn, Xillox
    • Leader of the Wrathborn, the High Celebrant
  • Override
    • Europa
    • Moon
    • Tangled Shore
    • Last City
  • Harbinger Exotic mission
  • Presage Exotic mission
  • Expunge
    • Labyrinth (and Corrupted version)
    • Styx (and Corrupted version)
    • Tartarus (and Corrupted version)
  • Astral Alignment
  • Shattered Realm
    • Forest of Echoes
    • Debris of Dreams
    • The Ruins of Wrath
  • Vanguard Strike Playlist (being combined with Battlegrounds into Vanguard Operations)

Other things leaving Destiny 2

destiny 2 campaigns leaving with the witch queen

Beyond various activities, there are also a few general features leaving Destiny 2 when The Witch Queen arrives. These include some strikes, vendors, and most notably, campaigns like Forsaken.

  • Tangled Shore vendors
    • Spider
      • WANTED Bounties and Enemies
    • Petra Venj
    • The Crow
  • H.E.L.M. Wings: Eliksni and Awoken vendors
    • Umbral Decoder
    • Prismatic Recaster
    • Splicer Servitor
    • Wayfinder’s Compass
    • Mara Sov’s Chambers
  • Strikes
    • Broodhold
    • The Hallowed Lair
  • Campaigns and narratives
  • Ritual and Pinnacle Weapon quests and ornaments (items are moving to Monument to Lost Lights)
  • Ghost Mods:
    • Arc Analyzer
    • Solar Analyzer
    • Void Analyzer
    • Omni-Telemtry
    • Banshee Special
  • Currencies
    • Bell of Conquests
    • Cabal Gold
    • Cabal Runes
    • Challenger Medallions
    • Corrupted Data
    • Corrupted Key Code
    • Cryptolith Lure
    • Decrypted Data
    • Dreaming Token of Eriviks
    • Dreaming Token of Querim
    • Dreaming Token of Xavoth
    • Ether
    • Etheric Spiral
    • Ghost Fragments
    • Gunsmith Materials
    • Hammer of Proving
    • Imperial Access Code
    • Intercepted Distress Signal
    • Key Code
    • Lure Mutation Finder
    • Lure Mods: Prey Mods and Trophy Mods
    • Mod Components
    • Parallax Trajectory
    • Pure Matterglass Lens
    • Recon Data
    • Splicer Gauntlet
    • Strand of Nobility
    • The Unclaimed Lightbearer
    • Weapon Telemetries

Because Weapon Telemetries and Gunsmith Materials are leaving the game, players should spend all of these at the Gunsmith before the launch of Witch Queen.

A Reddit user who goes by NG-From-Destiny notes that the Playlist Vendor armor may also be leaving when The Witch Queen DLC arrives. Whether the armor is added to the loot pool is unknown, but if you want to collect all of the armor, you will need to get started immediately. The poster notes each of the Playlist sets and where to find them in Collections:

  • Gambit: Calamity Rig (found under Gambit)
  • Crucible: Cinder Pinion (founder under Competitive)
  • Vanguard: Phobos Warden (found under Factions)

With the Tangled Shore, Forsaken campaign, and the four seasons since Beyond Light's release leaving, all bounties, missions and quests associated with those are also leaving. This means hoarding bounties from the Tangled Shore or from those four seasons in a bid to power-level your Artifact in The Witch Queen is not going to work. 

There is a lot of content being vaulted when Destiny 2: The Witch Queen releases on February 22, 2022. While there will no doubt be more powerful things to collect, those that want more options would do well to collect everything listed above before it leaves when Savathun arrives. More information can be found over on Bungie's site. Check out our Destiny 2 Guide for a wealth of information and our ongoing coverage of Bungie’s hit shooter.

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