Where to find Spider - Destiny 2

Learn where to find Spider, a new Fallen character introduced to Destiny 2 in Forsaken.


For a lot of new players, trying to find Spider in Destiny 2 can be confusing. This new Fallen character is a valuable contact, but his location can be a bit tough to track down. When you do learn where he is, you’ll be able to quickly pop in to pick up some bounties with minimal fuss.

Where is Spider?

Any new players looking to find Spider should begin their search on the Tangled Shore. This new area can be found by opening the Director and looking to the right-hand side for a purple icon. Select this icon and use the fast travel point in Thieves' Landing. Spider is found in an area to the left of the fast travel point and a bit lower than the Empty Tank Lost Sector.

From the fast travel point, turn left and go toward the far wall. Walk up the stairs and go between the barricades, then take a right through the doors and follow the path down into the building. Following this path will lead you directly to Spider, who is defended by a couple of spear-wielding Fallen.

where is spider Destiny 2
Spider offers a lot of valuable bounties and resources, while also being a point of contact for a lot of quests.

The reason why you might ask “Where is Spider?” is if you’re moving through the Forsaken campaign, looking to purchase some resources, or trying to complete all of Spider’s Wanted bounties. The last of these options is going to take you quite a long time, as the bounties are random and don’t seem to cycle that frequently.

The next time you go to speak with Spider, a faster method of reaching him (instead of walking), is to use your Sparrow. It will take a bit of practice, but it’s possible to either launch over the barricades or twist through. Doing this will save a few precious seconds of walking.

Now that you know where to find Spider in Destiny 2, you can get back to playing the campaign missions or leveling up your Guardian. Remember to swing by the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for even more helpful articles.

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