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Use our Ghost Recon Breakpoint guide for all the weapon locations, secrets, and help you need in the latest Ghost Recon experience.


Ghost Recon Breakpoint throws players directly into the action as they must survive the dangerous wilds of Auroa, all while staying hidden from Cole Walker and his Wolves. This guide will act as a hub for all of our Ghost Recon Breakpoint coverage, bringing all of our weapon blueprint guides, as well as any other content we’ve put together into one easy-to-find location, which should make it simpler for players to find the things they need.

To make this guide easier to work with, we’ve broken things up into different categories. Here’s a table of contents to help you get around.

Weapon blueprint and attachment guides

Breakpoint weapon blueprint and attachment guides
Weapon Blueprint and Attachment Guides
Guide Link Guide Description
MP5 blueprint location Find and secure the MP5 blueprint in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
MP7 blueprint location Add the MP7 blueprint to your Weapons on Demand arsenal with this handy guide.
HTI blueprint location Get one of the best sniper rifles in the game when you grab the HTI blueprint in Breakpoint.
Bipod attachment location If you plan to engage in the sniping offered up in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, grab the Bipod attachment first.
Scorpio blueprint location Grab the Scorpio blueprint to give yourself another long-range option for taking out the Wolves.
M4A1 blueprint location Put on your stealth boots if you want to visit the M4A1 blueprint location in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
M1911 blueprint location Locate and secure the M1911 blueprint in Ghost Recon Breakpoint to give yourself a reliable sidearm.
TAC50 blueprint location Arm yourself with the powerful TAC50 sniper rifle by grabbing the blueprint right now.
SC-20K blueprint location Get ready for a fight if you plan to grab the SC-20K blueprint in Breakpoint.
LMG Compensator location Grab the LMG Compensator to add it to your attachments in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
AK47 blueprint location Score this handy assault rifle blueprint if you want to up your firepower in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

General How-to guides

General Breakpoint guides
General How-To Guides
Guide Link Guide Description
How to Base Jump Learn the ins and outs of base jumping in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
Can you play Ghost Recon Breakpoint offline? Find out if you can play Ghost Recon Breakpoint offline.
How to change classes Everything you need to know to change classes in Breakpoint.
How to use Sync Shot Learn how Sync Shot works, and how to use it in Breakpoint.
What class to play first Choosing which class to play first in Ghost Recon Breakpoint can be a difficult decision. Let us help you decide with this handy guide.
Ghost Recon Breakpoint PC keybindings, Xbox One & PS4 controls Everything you need to know about Ghost Recon Breakpoint's PC keybindings, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 controls.
Ghost Recon Breakpoint PC requirements and specs Find out what the Ghost Recon Breakpoint PC requirements and recommended specs are, so you're ready for the fight.
Can you play with AI teammates Learn more about Ghost Recon Breakpoint and whether you can play with AI or not.
Cole D. Walker voice actor in Ghost Recon Breakpoint Find out who plays Cole D. Walker in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
Unlock Rainbow Six’s Ally Pack Find out how you can unlock the Rainbow's Ally Pack in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
Is Ghost Recon Breakpoint cross platform? Is cross platform or crossplay support coming to Ghost Recon Breakpoint? The answer isn't as clear as one might expect.
All PC Ubisoft Club Rewards Learn all about the 16 Ubisoft Club rewards available to PC players in Breakpoint.
How to craft Rations Learn how to craft different Rations with various buffs in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
How to refill stamina Make sure you know how to refill your stamina in Ghost Recon Breakpoint so that you never run out of juice.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint error guides

Breakpoint error guides
Breakpoint Error Codes and Fixes
Guide Link Guide Description
Silent-50001 error code Learn what to do when receiving the SILENT-50001 error logging into Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
How to fix the no audio bug Learn how to fix the no audio bug keeping players from hearing the game in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
How to fix Ghost Recon Breakpoint crashing at launch Having issues with Ghost Recon Breakpoint crashing whenever you launch it? We can help fix it.
Silent-40002 error fix Running into the Silent-40002 error when playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint? Here's what you need to know to fix it.
ARGYLL-00141 error message meaning Find out what the error message ARGYLL-00141 means in Ghost Recon Breakpoint and how to fix it.

Now that you have all the resources you need to stay alive in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, get out there and start your hunt for answers.

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