MP7 blueprint location in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

The MP7 blueprint should be high on your list of things to acquire, especially if you plan to play the stealth game in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.


The MP7 blueprint location in Ghost Recon Breakpoint is something that stealth players should be looking for early in their game. This guide will show the location, as well as talk about possible approaches to the blueprint to make acquiring it somewhat easier. It’s not exactly in friendly territory.

MP7 blueprint location

The MP7 blueprint is found in the New Argyll province. Once there, look for Outpost Black Tiger, which is full of Wolves. This outpost sits southeast of both Lismore Shelf and Dunyvaig Mountain. Players can find the MP7 blueprint on the south side of the outpost.

Clearing out the entire outpost will be something of a task for solo players. Luckily, the MP7 blueprint is on the south side of the outpost and should be accessible by taking out only a couple Wolves. Look for the path leading up the north side of the mountain to the outpost, then follow it. Watch out for snipers in towers, and patrolling Wolves, but this approach should work if players utilize their drone to spot any targets and avoid them.

Of course, another option is to go loud and take out the Wolves the hard way, which isn’t advised. If that is your preferred method, however, deal with the enemy who can radio for backup, as a larger force could prove too great to overcome. Remember that the Sync Shot is available to take out small clusters of bad guys should it be needed.

With the MP7 blueprint in hand, consider some other weapons to complete your loadout. We can help you secure the HTI blueprint, the M4A1 blueprint, and even the M1911 blueprint, giving Ghosts lots of flexibility for how they want to attack the enemy. An air-tight loadout is essential since it’s currently not possible to play with AI teammates in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

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