HTI blueprint location in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

The HTI is a favorite when it comes to sniping in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and we've got the blueprint location so you can craft your own.


This guide will show players the HTI blueprint location in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. This is one of the most powerful sniper rifles in the game and is guarded by a Behemoth with a gear score of 160+. Luckily, we snuck in and snagged this thing so that you can follow our lead and get it for yourself.

HTI blueprint location

The HTI blueprint is found in the Driftwood Islets province. It’s east of Greenfield Plain, and south of Wisp Hill. It’s located at a Relay Station guarded by a Behemoth with a recommended gear score of 160+. This Behemoth can detect footsteps like you wouldn’t believe, so a stealth approach is necessary for any Ghosts who are under leveled.

Thankfully, there are quite a few sand drifts around the Relay Station, and the Behemoth doesn’t appear to patrol over top of them. Ghosts can easily crawl up to the top of the closest sand drift, then sneak into the Relay Station when the Behemoth patrols away. However, the Behemoth can detect footsteps, so be sure to get up to the HTI blueprint quickly and go prone. Let the Behemoth lose interest and the snag it from the case.

The other option here would be to approach from the air. Take a helicopter high overhead and then drop down via parachute. This is risky, however, as any mistakes in the landing and the Behemoth is going to detect you. You still must worry about footsteps, too, assuming you aren’t able to shoot the gap and land on the second level with the HTI blueprint.

Once you’ve got the HTI blueprint, the weapon can be crafted to produce the weapon near your current level. You’ll need more guns, though, so consider targeting the M4A1 blueprint next, and maybe round it out with the M1911 blueprint to complete your weapon loadout. All are excellent choices in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

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