M4A1 blueprint location in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Put on your stealth boots if you want to visit the M4A1 blueprint location in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.


This guide will show players that exact location of the M4A1 blueprint in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. It will also discuss methods of obtaining it since this area has a 180+ gear score and is guarded by a Behemoth.

M4A1 blueprint location

M4A1 Blueprint Location Ghost Recon Breakpoint

The M4A1 blueprint can be obtained at any time, even if players are under leveled. To do this, take the helicopter outside of Erewhon and head to the Channels province. You’re headed for a Relay Station to the southwest of Misty Lake, along Misty Range. There’s an unnamed lake just to the east of the target area.

Once there, stay at a position of elevation in relation to your target. Notice that the area is quite quiet, other than the level 180 Behemoth roaming around. Luckily, this thing can be avoided with little trouble. To do this, approach the large structure with the M4A1 blueprint from the north, as that’s where the stairs leading up are located. Wait for the Behemoth to patrol the opposite side of the structure, then walk up the stairs and then climb the ladder. Quickly grab the M4A1 blueprint from the case.

This, of course, sounds easy, but careful players will want to sneak in quietly. I spent a couple minutes in the prone position using the camouflage and waiting for the right time to move in. If that’s not really your style, take a helicopter and parachute from high up, landing on the platform and grabbing the blueprint for the M4A1. There are also two skill points to grab, but those are secondary to our objective.

With the M4A1 blueprint in hand, players can now safely fast travel out of the area or dare to challenge the Behemoth for giggles. I went with the latter, and the fight was over in about 10 seconds. It did not go well.

Now that the M4A1 blueprint is yours, consider grabbing the Tac 50 blueprint for a good sniper rifle to go with it. There’s also the M1911 handgun blueprint to round out your loadout. We’ll keep finding blueprints across the map for you, so keep checking back for more each day.

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