SC-20K blueprint location in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

The location of the SC-20K blueprint in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Just be ready for a fight.


This guide will show players the SC-20K blueprint location in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. This ASR blueprint can be claimed through stealth, or by clearing out the base that it’s found in. We’ll pinpoint its location to make acquiring it easier.

SC-20K blueprint location

SC-20K ASR Blueprint
SC-20K Blueprint Location

The SC-20K ASR is located in the province of Mount Hodgson, not far from Erewhon. It can be found in a complex called the Bald Peak Mine on the western edge of the Fowler Forest. This complex is populated with over a dozen enemies and an automatic mortar that will obliterate players who are spotted. It’s best to deal with the mortar first, then work through the enemies to clear the area. There are several civilians to question and other items of interest, but players can find the SC-20K ASR blueprint in a large building on the ground level.

While it is theoretically possible to sneak into the Bald Peak Mine and take the SC-20K ASR blueprint using stealth, it would be quite difficult to grab the other items of interest in the area without waking up all the bad guys.

One way to clear out the Bald Peak Mine would be using a sniper rifle and using an elevated position from long range. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, consider grabbing the Tac 50 blueprint first, then do some house cleaning from a distance to make a path to the SC-20K blueprint. Unfortunately, if you’re not in a co-op session with other players, this might take some time since there are no AI teammates to utilize at launch. While I managed to pull it off solo, it certainly wasn’t the most graceful operation a Ghost has ever participated in.

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