How to change classes in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Learn how to change between the four main class types in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.


As you make your way through Ghost Recon Breakpoint, earning new weapons, taking down enemies, and saving the world, you might find yourself wanting to try out a new class to change things up. If your starting class just isn’t cutting it anymore, then you can switch class at any point. This guide will teach you all that you need to know to change classes in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

How to change classes in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

To change classes in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, players will need to first unlock those particular classes. We’ve already covered in-depth how to decide what class to play first, but there’s nothing wrong with expanding and trying out something new if you find that one class type just doesn’t work for you.

You can change classes any time by visiting a bivouac. These camps are located all around the game world and can be unlocked by simply discovering them. They act as fast travel stations, as well as temporary base camps that allow you to spawn in vehicles, buy things from the shop, craft new items, and prepare for future missions with special buffs. You can also change your class at any of the bivouacs that you visit.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint - how to change classes
You can change classes at any time from the Tactics screen when camping at a bivouac.

To change your class, deploy a bivouac and then look for the Tactics option. Opening this area will allow you to change up your class, your selected visual palette, and even the selected preset that you’ve put together. This makes bivouacs a perfect place to prepare for long-term missions, as you can easily swap between things without having to jump through a lot of hoops.

Bivouacs are also useful because they allow you to craft rations, which can grant you temporary buffs for combat, stamina, and other statistics in the game. Of course, bivouacs are always a good place to visit when on the hunt for hard-to-acquire weapons, like the M4A1 blueprint, or even the TAC50 blueprint.

Now that you know how to change glasses in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, head to the nearest bivouac, set up some presets, and start taking down your enemies all across Auroa.

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