Can you play Ghost Recon Breakpoint offline?

Find out whether you can play Ghost Recon Breakpoint offline, or if the latest shooter is an always-online experience.


Sometimes you just don't want to be connected to the internet, or maybe you're going on a trip somewhere and you won't have an internet connection. For many games, this means losing the option of being able to play as so many titles have become online-only experiences. As players prepare to dive into Ghost Recon Breakpoint, many have been wondering, can you play Ghost Recon Breakpoint offline? We've got the answer.

Can you play Ghost Recon Breakpoint offline?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Like many other Ubisoft games, Rainbow Six Siege and The Division 2 come to mind, Ghost Recon Breakpoint will always require an online connection to the Ubisoft servers. Because of this, you won't be able to play the game without an internet connection, or if the Ubisoft servers go down for any reason whatsoever. 

Ghost Recon Breakpoint - can you play offline?

It's not uncommon for games that have such heavy online options to require an "always-online" internet connection, though it is definitely disappointing to many hardcore and OG Ghost Recon fans that they can't indulge in the tactical goodness of the new shooter without connecting to the internet. On top of limiting when users can play games, always-online requirements also often lead to several additional errors and, of course, server problems when several hundreds of thousands of people try to log on and play at the same time.

Because of Ghost Recon Breakpoints requirement to always be connected to the Ubisoft servers, players will need a stable internet connection to play. Now that you know you can't play Ghost Recon Breakpoint offline, make sure you know how to troubleshoot any issues you might come across, like the no audio bug, or even the ARGYLL-00141 error message. You can also head back over to our Ghost Recon Breakpoint guides hub, where you'll find a ton of additional information available to help you find every weapon blueprint and attachment you need to take down Walker and his Wolves.

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