MP5 blueprint location in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Locate and secure the MP5 blueprint in Ghost Recon Breakpoint to snag one of the best SMG options in the game.


Ghost Recon Breakpoint offers several good SMGs for players to choose from for when things get up close and personal, and in this guide,  we’re going to show you the MP5 blueprint location. This lightly guarded weapon should be easy to snag even for under-leveled players.

MP5 blueprint location

MP5 Blueprint Location Ghost Recon Breakpoint

The MP5 blueprint in Ghost Recon Breakpoint is located in the Liberty province, southeast of Autumn Lake and northwest of Dolphin Bay. It’s found in a three-story building with five guards either in or around the complex. The blueprint can be found on the top level in a crate.

Solo players who want to maintain stealth should consider using the Sync Shot to quickly eliminate three of the threats, then clean up the other two with a suppressed weapon. This worked fine for me and I was never in danger of being spotted. A more entertaining stealth approach might be to fly high above the building and parachute onto the top level. Getting out quietly will require a steady hand but, even if you do die, the blueprint will be yours.

Players who don’t care about stealth, and I know there are a lot of you, should just walk up to the building and start smoking bad guys. Again, there are only five, so the fight should be simple so long as you don’t draw any further attention and end up with reinforcements.

The MP5 blueprint is a valuable one to have, but there are other great options to help round out the ideal loadout. Consider either going for the Tac 50 blueprint, or perhaps the HTI blueprint for long-range work. For the second primary, the M4A1 blueprint is tough to get, but a weapon I think many players will like. If one of those don’t jump out at you, visit our Ghost Recon Breakpoint topic to browse all our blueprint guides.

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