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How to refill stamina in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Make sure you know how to refill your stamina in Ghost Recon Breakpoint so that you never run out of juice.


Surviving the harsh world of Ghost Recon Breakpoint is no small feat and if you want to stay alive and kicking, you’re going to need to have a firm grasp on what you’re doing. Keeping your stamina refilled is a key part of your formula for success in Breakpoint, as having plenty of stamina will allow you to run from enemies when needed and stay out of sight. This guide will teach you the basics of stamina, including everything you need to know to refill your stamina.

How to refill stamina in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Keeping your stamina refilled will be important as you explore the islands of Aurora in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Not only does stamina directly determine how much you can run, but it also plays a part in climbing and even moving down steep hills. As one of the hunted, it’s going to be important to keep your stamina bar at maximum capacity as much as possible.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint preparations
You can use different preparations to increase your overall endurance or even increase your stamina in Breakpoint.

Over time, your stamina bar’s maximum amount will slowly dwindle down. This is one of the key survival mechanics in Breakpoint and a feature that you’ll become very aware of quickly. To keep your stamina refilled you’re going to want to make sure you have plenty of Rations, Canteens, and other restorative items. These items re-energize your Ghost, making you able to make the most of your stamina bar’s maximum capacity once more. If you fail to keep an eye on your stamina, you can end up in a very tight spot, unable to get away from very powerful enemies.

You can find items like Canteens, Rations, and other assorted goodies all around the world in Breakpoint. You can also craft them and other useful items at the game’s various bivouac sites, which act as camping areas for you and your teammates. For more info on crafting, be sure to head back over to our Ghost Recon Breakpoint guides hub, where you’ll find even more handy information to help you in your quest to stay alive.

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