SILENT-50001 error code in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Learn what to do when receiving the SILENT-50001 error logging into Ghost Recon Breakpoint.


Players trying to log in to play Ghost Recon Breakpoint are getting the SILENT-50001 error. Here’s what this means and what you can do about it.

SILENT-50001 error in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

SILENT-5000 Error Ghost Recon Breakpoint

The SILENT-50001 error when trying to log into Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a bit of an unknown, and I say this having researched the error. Generally, though, errors while logging into games are related to the game itself and not anything on the player’s end. As of the time of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint launch for October 4, 2019, this error code (and others, like ARGYLL-00141), are most likely related to a huge increase in players trying to log on.

To be sure, our best advice for you is to visit the Ubisoft Support page and search the error. This yielded no results today, but there was a message at the top of the support page stating that the servers were in some trouble and they were working on it.

The other option to sort this problem out is to visit the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Twitter profile and see if there are any updates. The Ubisoft Support Twitter profile is also an option, and probably a better one since this is kind of their area of expertise. If there are no mumblings of problems on the part of Ubisoft, hit up the Ubisoft Support page mentioned above.

When you do get SILENT-50001 sorted out and you’re back in the fight, consider visiting our Ghost Recon Breakpoint topic to browse all our content. This includes help with error messages, but also guides to get you the best weapons in the game, such as the HTI blueprint for a sniper rifle option, the M4A1 blueprint for an assault rifle option, and the M1911 blueprint for your sidearm. We’ve got something for all styles of play.

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