Scorpio blueprint location in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

The Scorpio blueprint is essential for players that enjoy sniping in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and we can help you get it early in the game.


One of the more satisfying things to do in Ghost Recon Breakpoint is play the sniping game, but to do that players need sniper rifles. Today, I’ll show you the location of the Scorpio blueprint, giving you access to on of the better sniper rifles in Auroa.

Scorpio blueprint location

Scorpio Blueprint Ghost Recon Breakpoint

The Scorpio blueprint is found in the Sinking Country province. It is in the very south part of the province and next to Albatross Bay. This blueprint is guarded by a Behemoth, so a stealth approach is preferred for solo players and players that are still a low level.

Normally I would suggest an approach from the water, but the ladder leading up to the second level of the tower wasn’t working for me, and every time I reached the top it flung me back to the ground. You don’t want to be hanging around on the ground with a Behemoth nearby. For that reason, approach from the northwest, not from the water.

The safest way to make a ground approach is to go prone and crawl in while the Behemoth is patrolling the opposite side of the tower. When the Behemoth gets close to you, utilize prone camo to hide and wait for it to wander away. If you run or move too quickly prior to getting to the tower, there’s a good chance the Behemoth will hear your footsteps. This is not great, but it’s fixable. If the Behemoth hears you, get to the second floor of the tower and go prone, waiting for it to lower its alert level. Once it’s safe, get the Scorpio blueprint from the top of the tower, and the Skill Points from the case on the first level.

Another option for approach is by air. If you have the Parachute perk unlocked, consider dropping in from the sky, landing directly on the tower, and then collecting the blueprint. This shouldn’t be too hard since the parachute controls are quite good. If you miss, though, that might be it for you.

Now that you have the Scorpio blueprint, consider grabbing the HTI blueprint, or even the Tac 50 blueprint to compare the three. Each does something better than the other, so no single weapon is likely the best for every situation. I do love my HTI, though. If you want even more options, our Ghost Recon Breakpoint blueprint guide is the place to go.

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