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Nintendo Switch players can at last create their own platforming adventures in Super Mario Maker 2. The latest Switch release has loads of features and gameplay modes for users to check out, including over a hundred Story Mode missions and the countless functions and features found in Course Maker. As before, players can also upload, download, and otherwise share customized courses online through Course World.

Needless to say, there's a lot happening in Super Mario Maker 2, and even more to learn. That's why we've compiled all of our Super Mario Maker 2 game guides into one convenient location, and readers can find all of our content featured below.

Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode

Super Mario Maker 2 guides wiki FAQ - Story Mode

List of all Jobs in Story Mode
Complete all tasks and start raking in coins.

How to play local co-op
Get together with friends for some classic platforming action.

How to change characters
We know you just want to change into Luigi.

How to unlock the Super Hammer
Because no regular hammer will do.

Super Mario Maker 2 Course World

Super Mario Maker 2 guides wiki FAQ - Course World

How to enter Course ID
The crucial information you need to play shared or uploaded levels.

How to follow friends and other creators
Keep on top of new custom levels from your favorite course creators.

Super Mario Maker 2 Course Maker

Super Mario Maker 2 guides wiki FAQ - Course Maker

Docked controls - buttons and functions
Become fluent in building courses while the Nintendo Switch system is docked.

Grab, copy, undo, and delete
These basic functions allow players to build courses quickly. Here's how to master them.

All Terrain, Items, Enemies, and Gizmos
Here's a list of all the goodies players have at their disposal in Course Maker.

Course Maker FAQs

How to save custom levels
If you don't save it, you're likely to lose it.

How to upload levels
Share your creation with the world, or just with your friends.

How to set Clear Conditions
Players have to win somehow, right?

How to add sound effects
Audio cues can be a delight... or a distraction.

All sound effects and music in Course Maker
Listen to all of the game's sound effects and music in one convenient location.

How to add music
Set the tone with some proper Mario-themed grooves.

How to unlock Day/Night switch
You want to make a course set at night? Here's the trick.

How to use Autoscroll
Urge players to keep up by moving the camera along a set path.

All course themes and effects
Changing a level's theme does more than change its visuals.

How to unlock the Superball Flower in Course Maker
Hint: You have to play through Story Mode. Madness!

Super Mario Maker 2 FAQs and Extras

Super Mario Maker 2 guides wiki faqs extras how to

• Best level codes in Super Mario Maker 2 •
Check out some of Shacknews' favorite Super Mario Maker 2 levels, plus find a link to the online spreadsheet with even more courses created and shared by the Chatty community.

Super Mario Maker 2 review: Infinite Mario
New tools, new tricks, and new toys. Our review.

How can I earn coins fast?
Roll up your sleeves and get to work.

How long is Story Mode?
Depends on your skill level, but it's still not very long.

How many levels can I upload?
You've only got so many save slots. Use them wisely.

What does the green flag mean in Story Mode?
It means you're a noob. Sorry about that.

What's the download and file size?
You won't need too much extra storage space on your Switch.

Best Nintendo Switch Stylus for Super Mario Maker 2
Stylus choices can be highly controversial. Maybe this will help.

Will SMM2 release on Android, iPhone, or iPad?
Don't hold your breath.

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