All types of Sound Effects in Super Mario Maker 2 Course Maker

Fill your Super Mario Maker 2 courses with emotions using the various sound effects and music.


Mario games have always been full of sounds and music, and Super Mario Maker 2 is no different. The Course Maker allows for lots of customization, and sounds play an important role. If you want the players to feel something exciting as they work through your course, you’ll want to layer on just the right sound effects and music!

All Sound Effects and Music

Super Mario Maker 2 sound effects and music
The sound effects menu is found in the top-left corner of the Course Maker in Super Mario Maker 2.

There are several dozen sound effects and music tracks to use in Super Mario Maker 2. Accessing the sound effects and music wheel can be a bit tricky, especially when using the Nintendo Switch in the docked mode. To find the sound effects menu, ensure that you're in the Course Maker, and then press Up on the D-pad to reach the top line of tiles. Navigate to the top-left corner, highlight the frog and block, and press A to switch from Parts to Sound Effects. From here, press the Y button to pull up the various sound wheels. Here you can tab through the various wheels to find the appropriate sound for your level. You can also check out all the terrain, items, enemies, and gizmo blocks in Super Mario Maker 2!

Feelings Stingers Reactions Animations Music
Shock Clatter Ding Dong Fireworks Peaceful
Booo! Punch Aww… Flash Silence
Guffaw Honk Honk Yeah! Woozy Heartbeat
Laughter Jump Doom Twisty Turny Bonus Music
Scream Kick Glory Electric Guitar Horror
Cheer Drama Bzzzt! Traditional Boss Boss
Near Miss Oink Spark Super Mario Galaxy
Applause Zap! Scatting Super Marion Sunshine
Party Popper Ninja Attack! Audience Super Mario 64
Baby Beep! Super Mario Kart
Kuh-thunk! Final Boss

There’s plenty to hear in Super Mario Maker 2, and even more if the various sound effects and music is used! Next time you’re building a course, remember to drop in a few sound effects or music beats to really set the tone. For more guides, check out the Shacknews Super Mario Maker 2 page.

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