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Design your perfect level by changing the Course Theme in Super Mario Maker 2.


After finishing the Story Mode in Super Mario Maker 2, players will inevitably find themselves tinkering with the Course Maker. This is where a lot of the true magic of Super Mario Maker takes place. One of the many options that can be changed is the Course Theme. There are close to a dozen Course Themes to use in Super Mario Maker 2, and each one changes the level in a subtle way.

All Course Themes

Course Themes Super Mario Maker 2
All the Course Themes are available on the left under the Game Styles option in Course Maker.

Every Course Theme in Super Mario Maker 2 are available for use in all Game Styles. This means you can use Airship in Super Mario World, Castle in Super Mario 3D World, and even Desert in Super Mario Bros. The only limiting factor is that the Day/Night effect is not active in Super Mario 3D World. If you want to take advantage of the differences Day/Night brings, you will need to limit it to the main four Game Styles:

  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Super Mario World
  • New Super Mario Bros. U

Below is a list of all available Course Themes, including the effects when switched to Night.

Course Theme Day/Night Properties
Ground Goombas float
Sky Low gravity for everything
Underground Gravity pulls you toward the ceiling
Forest Water turns into poisonous swamp water and 1-Up Mushrooms turn rotten
Underwater Everything is dark, except for a light around Mario
Ghost House Everything is dark, except for a light around Mario
Desert Wind blows, pushing Mario along
Airship Raining and enemies behave as if under water
Snow Slippery platforms and surfaces
Castle Mario behaves as if he's underwater while enemies are normal

Creating the perfect level in Course Maker is going to take a bit of tinkering. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, you may want to use one of the different themes as opposed to the standard ground. Being able to raise and lower the water and lava may make your level come together, in which case the Forest or Castle options could suit.

Now that you know every Course Theme in Super Mario Maker 2’s Course Maker mode, you can begin designing your ultimate level. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Super Mario Maker 2 page for even more guide content.

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