How to unlock Day/Night switch in Super Mario Maker 2

Looking to create a night-themed level in Super Mario Maker 2 course mode? Here's how to switch between Day and Night mode.


Ever notice how it's almost always sunny in the Mushroom Kingdom? It doesn't have to be; not in Super Mario Maker 2, anyway. Players diving into the game's Course Maker mode may have stumbled upon something of a hidden toggle that allows them to make night-themed levels. Unlike make of the Coures Maker mode functions, this one is not immediately obvious. Here's how to make night-themed levels in Super Mario Maker 2.

Super Mario Maker 2 Course Maker | Day and Night mode

Being able to swap between Day and Night mode in the Super Mario Maker 2 Course Maker is something of a hidden function. It's only available when players include a certain item on their custom courses. More specifically, Day and Night mode can be toggled using the Angry Sun enemy.

Super Mario Maker 2 Course Maker - How to switch Day Night mode Angry Sun toggle
Place the Angry Sun into the grid, then long-press on it to toggle the moon.

With the any theme but the Super Mario 3D World theme activated, hit the Search button in the upper right-hand side of the screen and scroll over to the enemy wheels. The final one should have the Angry Sun at the bottom of the wheel. Select it, then place it into the Course Maker grid.

Once placed, highlight the sun and press and hold A button, or tap and hold on the sun using the Nintendo Switch touchscreen, then release to bring up the Day/Night menu. From there, select or tap the Moon icon to turn switch the level into Night mode.

Super Mario Maker 2 Course Maker - How to switch Day Night mode editor
Witht he moon toggled, the course turns to the Night theme.

If the switch was successful, the game will pop up a notification stating that some parts of the course may behave differently at night. Press OK to confirm, then get back right into editing.

It might seem a little tricky, but Super Mario Maker 2 users can easily swap between Day and Night mode using the game's Course Maker. Simply find the Angry Sun and long-press on it to toggle the Angry Moon and switch the level to night time. For more tips and tricks on using Course Maker, check out Shacknews' Super Mario Maker 2 game guides.

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