How to unlock the Super Hammer in Super Mario Maker 2

Smash through everything by unlocking the Super Hammer in Super Mario Maker 2.


Super Mario Maker 2 is here and it holds plenty of secrets, including the powerful Super Hammer. Unlocking the Super Hammer is a fairly easy process that all players should be able to do, regardless of skill level.

How to unlock the Super Hammer

To unlock the Super Hammer in Super Mario Maker 2, players need to complete the Story Mode campaign. This campaign ends with Mario successfully rebuilding Princess Peach’s castle, at which point Taskmaster Toad will have a new job for you. This new job is called “Let’s Go, Build Mario!” and it’s all about showing off the new Super Hammer.

The Super Hammer is technically part of the Builder Mario power-up. This power-up allows Mario to do various new moves, including the Super Hammer.

Super Mario Maker 2 Super Hammer
You will need to complete construction on Princess Peach's castle to unlock the Super Hammer and Builder Mario costume.

The Super Hammer is an incredibly powerful item. Once picked up, it allows Mario to smash through otherwise impenetrable blocks. Courses that had areas that looked completely blocked off should now be accessible with the help of the Super Hammer.

But the functionality doesn’t end there. The Super Hammer can also be used to obliterate enemies. Outside of the squishy enemies, there are those that pose a real threat to Mario’s well-being. Well, now that Mario has the Super Hammer, he can bash his way through stronger foes.

But wait, there’s more! The Builder Mario also allows Mario to create a Builder Box. Once the Builder Mario power-up has been collected, instead of using the Super Hammer, press Up and Y at the same time to create a Builder Box. This will allow you to rise to new heights and reach previously unattainable areas.

There’s plenty of construction work going on in Super Mario Maker 2, and the Super Hammer is just the right tool for certain situations. Unlocking the Super Hammer and Builder Mario ability are easy enough, just finish rebuilding Princess Peach’s castle! Check out the Shacknews Super Mario Maker 2 page for more guides.

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