Best level codes in Super Mario Maker 2 Course World

Looking for some fun Course IDs to download and play in Super Mario Maker 2 Course World? Check out this list of our favorite custom courses.


It wouldn't be Super Mario Maker 2 if users couldn't create, upload, and share their custom courses with all their friends. After all, in a game about crafting a personalized Super Mario experience, who wouldn't want to share their custom levels with the world? Fortunately, such is now possible on the Nintendo Switch, and we even have a few ideas on where to start. Read on to check out our picks for the best level codes in Super Mario Maker 2 Course World, including each of their Course IDs.

Best Level Codes | Super Mario Maker 2 Course World

Here are our choices for the best level codes and Course IDs to check out in Super Mario Maker 2 so far. This list is subject to change as we discover and share even more great custom courses, so be sure to check back frequently as we provide new updates and fresh Course IDs.

We've also done our best to provide proper credit for each level where possible. In addition to the user name of each Maker, we've provided social links or contact information for those who wish to share them. This list has been updated as of July 6, 2019.

Name Course ID Maker Contact
Banzai Bounce Q43-GXB-WHG Maddy MattThorson
Desert of Despair H8K-3B9-WDG Maddy MattThorson
Starlight Shells PHP-GYT-VJG Maddy MattThorson
Shrine of the Sacred Stiletto 5YG-7DN-PGG Maddy MattThorson
MurderTime: Piranha Pruning 5RF-QKY-WYF Maddy MattThorson
Versus: Swamp Circuit RNW-GS8-KPF Maddy MattThorson
Briefcase Level 01 - Coins! JBD-PD9-JQF Earl Divx the man with the briefcase (Chatty)
Hooked on Bowser
EyeCarumba OzzieMejia (Chatty)
Gentle Glide
EyeCarumba OzzieMejia (Chatty)
Tonic The Sledgehog SL2-8FK-PPF BeardedAxe BeardedAxe (Chatty)
Super Mario Galaxy Mini Mini DSL-WBD-SPF hammersuit hammersuit (Chatty)
Fun Vertical Stage LJX-7VP-FYF twryKNO twryKNO
a quick one. 4YG-WX7-WWF samred samred
Danger Room JWG-F81-D3G TroZ
Hill Climb PMW-NY8-X0H Grumbeld
Switch x Switch DRC-S88-TDF Nore139
Automatic Level (don't move !) QGL-M2F-NXF TheMouse57
Sky's the Limit 3VC-0K1-7DF cruncht1me crunch1time (Chatty)
Auto-Mario (Japanese) NTX-7MB-QQG
Spring Has Switched J7D-9L6-THG Kona
THWOMP SMASH PYRAMIDS TWJ-MLW-5LG kaddar kaddar0 (Chatty)
Mario's Button 571-V68-0FG kaddar kaddar0 (Chatty)
The Trolley Problem 1K1-13D-72H Dimbleby
Fast POW Block Level (Japanese) 1WB-WF1-HBG
Slide Slide Slippity Slide RJR-RCM-SHG fadetofunk fadetofunk (Chatty)
A Tale of Two Yoshis 7GN-6BG-YFF Zek23 Zek (Chatty)
Table Tennis in SMM2! [HARD] 55S-BS4-Y1G Davii
Follow the coins (Japanese) N71-46J-5YG
Buzzy Blade Basin HJGJ-WW9-1SF vile vile (Chatty)
Yoshi's Egg-cellent Adventure! 246-W5K-0DG DPD4M0
Modern Videogaming: The Return G87-GLW-4HG Nalathi
20 Seconds: Platform Pushthrough 57K-QG7-83G bruhhhhhh
20 Seconds: Switch Block Blast PM3-XM4-K7G bruhhhhhh
Follow the Arrow (Japanese) 7JW-WTR-PNF Kona
Rhythm Challenge: Gourmet Race 550-D35-2HF RowlÆt

See a level that ought to be featured on our list? Or have you created a custom course you think is worthy? Be sure to add it to the Shacknews community Super Mario Maker 2 Google Docs spreadsheet, and sound off in Chatty to let us know about your submission.

There you have it, our choice for the best Super Mario Maker 2 custom courses available so far. Load up Course World and punch in the Course ID to check out some of the hottest user-created levels available so far, and be sure to check back as we add even more custom courses. Looking to learn more about course building? Browse through our collection of Course Maker guides featured on Shacknews' Super Mario Maker 2 home page.

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