How many levels can you upload in Super Mario Maker 2?

Wondering how many levels you can upload and share in Super Mario Maker 2? Here's the answer.


Create, share, and play — that's the core pitch behind Super Mario Maker 2, the series' latest Nintendo Switch entry. Given that users can create their own courses, many players are left wondering just how many custom levels they're allowed to upload and share with their friends. As it turns out, there's a hard limit on just how many levels can be uploaded by a single player.

Super Mario Maker 2 Course Maker | How many levels can you upload?

Players are currently limited to 64 uploaded levels in Super Mario Maker 2. Only 32 uploads were allowed when the game first launch, but Nintendo doubled the number of level slots so users wouldn't have to keep deleting courses. Now, each of the courses players create will take up one of these 64 save slots, and though it probably goes without saying, those are the only 64 levels they will be able to share.

Coincidentally, this also creates a limit to the number of custom courses that can be shared with any other player. Since each person in the game is limited to 64 uploaded courses, players will note that they can only see that number from any Maker they follow in the game.

As it so happens, 64 is also the number of custom courses that players are allowed to download. The course selection screen, which can be accessed within Course Maker, will only be able to hold 64 downloaded levels. Users can still play as many shared levels as they like, but they will be limited to 32 downloads.

Super Mario Maker 2 players can download 64 different courses at any given time. It might seem like a limitation, but it's possible to clear out downloaded levels and install new ones whenever the player likes. To learn more about Nintendo's latest platform-building release, be sure to read through Shacknews' collection of Super Mario Maker 2 game guides.

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