Will Super Mario Maker 2 release on Android, iPhone, or iPad?

Wondering if Super Mario Maker 2 will ever release for mobile devices, Android, iPhone, or the iPad? We look at the facts.


Super Mario Maker 2 represents the best of Nintendo's customizable platforming offering. Considering that the game is built for the Switch, a device with distinct touchscreen capabilities, many players are wondering if the game will ever release for mobile devices. Could Super Mario Maker 2 release for Android or iOS, or does Nintendo have any plans to make the game available for iPhone or iPad?

Is Super Mario Maker 2 coming to Android, iPhone, or iPad?

Sadly, it seems Nintendo has no plans to bring Super Mario Maker 2 to mobile devices like the iPhone, Android smartphones, or tablets like the iPad. Developed as a first-party title exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, it's very unlikely that the game will ever land on mobile devices, and Nintendo hasn't indicated any plans to release Super Mario Maker 2 for iOS or Android.

Still, that's not to say that the game won't reach a wider audience. After all, the original Super Mario Maker didn't quite make as big an impact as it could have since it released in 2015 on the Wii U, historically one of Nintendo's least-popular consoles. The game was eventually ported over to the 3DS in December of 2016, but many players still missed out on the chance to make their own custom Super Mario levels.

Hopefully the Switch platform can change all of that, as it's clearly one of the hottest and technically the most capable machine Nintendo has ever produced. However, if the game does succeed in bringing Switch players together, it only stands to worsen the chances of the game ever releasing for a non-Nintendo platform.

It's sad but a little obvious: Nintendo has no current plans to bring Super Mario Maker 2 to Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, or any other mobile device. Of course, Nintendo does have plenty of other mobile-specific games such as Mario Kart Tour. To stay on top of the latest in Big N's build-your-own platformer, be sure to browse through Shacknews' collection of Super Mario Maker 2 guides.

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