How to get coins fast in Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode

Help get Princess Peach's castle constructed quicker by getting more coins fast in the Story Mode of Super Mario Maker 2.


Getting coins in Super Mario Maker 2 is vital to constructing Princess Peach’s castle. Without coins, you won’t be able to continuing erecting the magnificent castle. Earning more coins, and earning them quickly, is going to be key to finishing the job in a timely manner. There are plenty of ways to earn coins in-game, as well as a few tricks.

How to get more coins

There are a few main ways to earn coins in Super Mario Maker 2, but if you want to earn a lot of coins quickly, you will need to work all avenues.

Coins are awarded for completing jobs. At the start of the game, you will earn roughly 100 coins per job completion. As the game progresses, this will increase as the difficulty of the courses grows. This is going to be your main way of earning guaranteed coins. However, these job payments can only be received once. If you replay a course again, you won’t get the same lump sum.

get more coins Super Mario Maker 2
Each job rewards over 100 coins, with more difficult jobs offering even more. Completing all jobs is a great way to earn coins.

Because each course rewards such a large amount of coins, a good idea is to clear as many of these courses as you can. Try to complete the 3 or 4-star difficult jobs, as they pay handsomely. If you reach a roadblock where you need more coins to progress but the levels are a bit too difficult, you can try the other method of earning coins.

Speaking of which, the other method is to collect coins while playing a course. Any coins you earn this way will also be added to your collection. As you run through a course, scoop up as many coins as you can. If it is the first time running a course, you will receive the lump sum plus any additional coins you collected. Keep in mind that any future runs will only result in you receiving the coins you collect during the run.

big coins Super Mario Maker 2
Big coins are a great way to get more coins. These can appear as 10, 20, all the way up to large 50 coins.

What this all means is that one of the best ways to get more coins in Super Mario Maker 2 is to replay levels. Keep an eye out for levels that contain large coins, as these can net you a quick 10 coins (or more if you’re lucky). Try to replay courses that you have mastered and that are reasonably quick. If you can perfect the difficult courses, even better, as these usually have better collections of coins.

Ultimately, getting more coins fast in Super Mario Maker 2 is all about playing the game. Complete each course as it’s unlocked to get a nice lump sum and then replay courses to earn any coins you manage to collect. Swing by the Shacknews Super Mario Maker 2 page for more helpful guides to help you rebuild the Mushroom Kingdom!

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