How to unlock the Superball Flower in Super Mario Maker 2

Learn how to unlock the Superball Flower, an iconic power-up, in Super Mario Maker 2 for use in creating courses.


There are plenty of power-ups to unlock and use in Super Mario Maker 2, and none are as memorable as the Superball Flower. Fans of the 1989 Super Mario Land on the Game Boy will be pleased to hear of its inclusion in Nintendo’s Mario course builder. As for how to unlock the Superball Flower, it’s pretty easy.

How to unlock the Superball Flower

To unlock the Superball Flower in Super Mario Maker 2 for use in the Course Maker mode, simply play through the Story Mode. By progressing through the stages, unlocking courses and constructing Princess Peach’s castle, you will encounter a course where the power-up is first introduced. The course you’re looking for is called Spiny Shell Smashers.

Complete the Spiny Shell Smashers course and you will be notified that the Superball Flower is unlocked. At this point, you will be able to take to the Course Maker and start playing around with the Superball Flower.

Superball Flower Super Mario Maker 2
Keep completing jobs and upgrading the castle in Super Mario Maker 2 until the Spiny Shell Smasher appears in the job list - it rewards the Superball Flower.

For those unfamiliar with the Superball Flower, it is strikingly similar to the Fire Flower in both design and effect. It takes on the appearance of the Fire Flower, though it will be grey in color. It also fires out a fireball, but instead of bouncing, it shoots on a 90-degree angle. When it makes contact with a surface, it bounces off at a perpendicular angle and it repeats this until it goes off the screen, dissipates, or hits an enemy.

The Superball Flower is one of many power-ups that can be unlocked in Super Mario Maker 2. There is also the powerful Super Hammer, which is associated with the Builder Mario power. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Super Mario Maker 2 page where we’ve been collecting all of the most important guides to do with rebuilding Princess Peach’s castle and creating your own courses!

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