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Bend Studio's latest release Days Gone has everything self-reliant survival horror afficionado needs: guns, motorcycles, and hordes of vicious fiends. To survive the game's many perils, players will need to know how to find new gear, upgrade their bike, take down baddies, and stay fueled up for the road ahead. Luckily, Shacknews is here to help. Keep reading to discover each of our Days Gone game guides covering everything from base mechanics and controls to camps, upgrades, mechanics, and more.

Days Gone beginner's guides

Days Gone beginner's guides

Just now jumping into the action? Days Gone can be quite a dangerous place, especially for newbies. Don't get caught in the muck — brush up on all of the must-know basics with our collection of beginner's guides.

PS4 controls and button mapping
Increase your chances of surviving the wild by brushing up on all of the game's essential PS4 controls and buttons.

Tips for combat, stealth, and survival
Read these tips for combat, stealth, and survival when trying to keep Deacon alive and well on his journey.

Skills - Melee, Ranged, and Survival
Learn what each of the game's skills do and how to unlock them by earning XP.

Should you Bring Leon's drug stash to Tucker or Copeland?
Players will need to decide if they want to bring Leon's Drug Stash to Tucker or Copeland and understand what that decision costs them. We can help.

Days Gone how-to guides

Days Gone walkthrough FAQ guides how-to

Confused about how certain system or game mechanics work? We've got all the help players need to understand the more complicated mechanics, functions, and quests in Bend Studio's new survival horror release.

How to fast travel with Deacon
Learn how to fast travel, but also consider some of the drawbacks and pitfalls of doing so.

How to refuel the bike
There are several ways to refuel the bike, but some of them are less optimal than others.

How to upgrade Deacon's bike
Upgrade Deacon's bike to make life on the road a little less dangerous.

How to sleep and pass time
Learn how to sleep and pass time so Deacon can go after the Freakers on his terms, and with a little more daylight.

How to earn Trust with Encampments
Earn trust with encampments to unlock better weapons and bike upgrades.

How to clear Infestation Nests
Players need to clear Infestation Nests in order to fast travel and just feel safe in general.

How to use the Days Gone Photo Mode
Learn how to use the Photo Mode and see what extensive options wait players who dare try to wrangle its power.

Days Gone FAQs

Days Gone walkthrough guides FAQ

Looking for specific details about the latest Bend Studio release? Have a question that might seem a little obvious? Or are you perhaps just curious about some of the finer points of the latest PlayStation 4 exclusive release? Find more basic game information and FAQs below.

Days Gone
Days Gone walkthrough faq PS4 cover
Developer: Bend Studio
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 4
Genre: Action adventure, survival horror, open-world
Release Date: April 26, 2019
ESRB Rating: M for Mature 17+

Will DG release on the Xbox One?
Gamers of all platforms are likely to be interested in Bend Studio's latest, but will it ever release on the Xbox One?

Will DG release on Steam and PC?
Will the new Bend Studio release ever come to Steam, the Epic Games Store, or PC in general?

Will DG release on the Nintendo Switch?
We discuss the chances of Bend Studio's latest PS4 title arriving on Nintendo's hybrid handheld.

Is DG a multiplayer or co-op game?
Want to know if the game is going to have a multiplayer or co-op mode that can be played online? Check out the facts.

How long does it take to beat DG?
Find out how much time you can expect to squeeze out of the latest Bend Studio release.

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