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How to fast travel with Deacon in Days Gone

Learn how to fast travel in Days Gone, but also consider some of the drawbacks and pitfalls of doing so.


How to fast travel in Days Gone is going to be a hot topic. The world that Deacon St. John explores is a dangerous one, and every gamer will look to skip the Freakers and go straight to their destination from time to time. In this guide, I’ll explain how fast travel works in Days Gone, and what price Deacon must pay to use it.

How to fast travel

How to Fast Travel in Days Gone

Fast travel in Days Gone works like a lot of other games out there. First, players must discover a location before it can be used as a fast travel point. This encourages exploration in the early hours of the journey. When two locations are discovered, they can then be selected via the map. The map can be accessed by swiping right on the DualShock 4’s touchpad.

When the map is open there are certain things to keep in mind regarding fast travel. The first is that it does come at a cost of fuel, so it’s important to plan ahead. Is there a fuel source at Deacon’s destination, or will he be forced to continue his journey with a dangerously low supply? The cost of fuel will be shown on the pop-up card when players hover over a location’s marker, which are diamond-shaped icons with three down arrows in the middle. If obtaining fuel is a concern, read our guide on how to refuel the bike in Days Gone.

A secondary consideration is the passing of time when Deacon chooses to fast travel. It might not seem like a lot, but enemies behave differently depending on the time of day, and players might encounter a few situations at night that they didn’t see when the sun was up. If the amount of time passed due to fast travel pushes a player into the night and they end up with low fuel, that could quickly spell the end of Deacon St. John’s journey.

A final roadblock (literally) to fast travel is Infestation Nests in Days Gone. These are marked on the map with an icon that appears to indicate a hazardous area, and the area around the infestation will be shaded with a bit of red. Hovering over an infestation icon will show how many nests there are. All infestations that stand between two fast-travel points must be cleared before fast travel can take place.

If hovering the cursor over a location’s marker doesn’t show an option to fast travel, or if it doesn’t have a marker, fast travel isn’t available. That’s not so bad. Maybe catch some sleep and head out during the day. Fast travel might be safer but it’s also going to deprive Deacon of valuable resources and XP along the path.

Now that you know how to fast travel in Days Gone, head to our Days Gone game guides and walkthrough hub. It’s there that players can find information on all sorts of mechanics that could prove to save their lives while taking on the Freakers with Deacon St. John.


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