Days Gone controls and PS4 button mapping

Increase your chances of surviving the wild by brushing up on all of the essential Days Gone controls and buttons on PlayStation 4.


The world of Days Gone can be pretty unforgiving, especially for players not keen on all of the game's controls and buttons. Fortunately, it won't be too difficult for players to master the game's controls, be them on-bike or otherwise. Keep reading to learn about each of the controls and default button mappings for the latest Bend Studio release.

Days Gone PS4 buttons and controls

In typical first-party fashion, the developers at Bend Studio have designed the Days Gone control scheme to make the best use of the DualShock 4 controller. Aside from the game's touchpad-based inputs, however, there's not much in the Days Gone control scheme that will feel unfamiliar to third-person shooter fans. Check out the breakdown of all the game's essential buttons for both on-foot and on-bike control in the table below.

Button: On Foot: On Bike:
Left Analog Move Steer / Push
Right Analog Camera Camera
L3 Sprint
R3 Survival Vision Survival Vision
D-Pad Up Binoculars
D-Pad Down Flashlight Headlight
D-Pad Left Heal (Hold) Heal (Hold)
D-Pad Right Detonator Detonator
X Climb / Shoulder Swap (Aiming) Nitrous (Hold)
Circle Crouch / Slide Drift
Square Reload Mount / Dismount (Hold) / Reload
Triangle Swap Weapon (Tap) / Special (Hold)
L1 Survival Wheel (Hold) Cycle Targets
L2 Aim (Hold) Brake / Reverse (Hold)
R1 Roll Fire Weapon
R2 Fire (Aiming) / Melee Throttle (Hold0
Options Pause Pause
Touchpad Up Storylines Storylines
Touchpad Down Skills Skills
Touchpad Left Inventory Inventory
Touchpad Right Map Map

Again, there aren't many surprises here. By and large, Days Gone players will move the hero and the camera with the analog sticks and use the shoulder buttons and triggers for aiming and shooting. The only real oddball functions are the touchpad options, which may force some players to actually look at the DualShock 4 controller to make sure they're pressing the touchpad in the right zones.

A basic understanding of the controls and buttons in Days Gone could very well make the difference between success and failure or life and death. The latest Bend Studio release can be quite fraught, so players would be wise to understand each of the core functions and button mappings ahead of time. To learn more about the latest PlayStation 4 exclusive release, be sure to head over to Shacknews' Days Gone walkthrough and guide.

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