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How to clear Infestation Nests in Days Gone

Players need to clear Infestation Nests in order to fast travel and just feel safe in Days Gone.


The need to clear Infestation Nests in Days Gone is high. These Nests, which behave differently between the game’s day and night cycle, can cause an area to be more dangerous than necessary. They can also be a roadblock to allowing Deacon to fast travel, which is likely to be most inconvenient for many players. To clear a Nest, though, gamers must understand the positives and negatives of doing so during the day or waiting until night.

How to clear Infestation Nests

How to Clear Infestation Nests in Days Gone

Before clearing Infestation Nests, it’s important to know how they behave based on the time of day. When it’s daylight, the Swarmers that call that Nest home will be inside. Burning the Nest at this time will cause several enemies to rush out of the Nest and attack Deacon, unless he’s able to burn it from a position of stealth.

Burning one of the Swarmer Nests at night is a bit easier in one way, but night tends to be more dangerous in general. At night, Swarmers leave their Nest and wander about. This makes it easier to burn the Nest because less Swarmers will be inside. However, it’s unlikely that the area around the Nests will be clear since they’re all going for their evening strolls.

The main way to destroy Infestation Nests is to burn them, which is most easily done by throwing a Molotov Cocktail directly on the Nest. This will burn it out, causing whatever Swarmers are inside to run out looking for blood. How players approach this is completely up to their style of play. Personally, I prefer to burn a Nest during the day and from a position of stealth. Yes, there might be more Swarmers running out, but if I’m hidden, I maintain the advantage. I can now attack from a position of strength or run away if things are too hectic.

If players are lacking Molotov Cocktails, keep in mind that items such as gas cans can be used, although those have great value in their ability refuel Deacon’s bike in Days Gone. Toss the gas can onto the Nest and shoot it to cause an explosion that will burn it out. However, Molotov Cocktails are the way to go if I’m given the option. When the Nest is burned out and the Freakers are dead, don’t forget to loot the Nest Residue for future crafting.

Now that players know how to clear Infestation Nests and kill the Swarmers inside, head over to the Days Gone game guides and walkthrough hub Shacknews has going. This resource will help players navigate through the dangerous open world that Deacon St. John finds himself in.


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