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How to upgrade Deacon's bike in Days Gone

Upgrade Deacon's bike in Days Gone to make life on the road a little less dangerous.


Learning how to upgrade Deacon’s bike in Days Gone is an essential part of staying alive in the dangerous open world in front of players. In this guide, we’ll go over how players can gain access to bike upgrades and how to earn Trust with each of the camps in order to gain access to their Mechanics, who will be the ones that improve the bike’s performance.

How to upgrade Deacon’s bike

How to Upgrade Deacon's Bike in Days Gone

In order to upgrade Deacon’s bike in the early hours of Days Gone, players will have to gain Trust with the various encampments. Trust is earned by completing tasks in the zone that an encampment controls. The first encampment players will encounter is Copeland’s Camp in Cascade. The more jobs Deacon does in Cascade, from missions to clearing Infestation Nests, the more Trust he will earn with that encampment. If players hover over an encampment’s marker on the map, they will see the Trust level (the icon looks like a shield with a checkmark in it), as well as how much more Trust they require to reach the next level.

Next, head to an encampment’s Mechanic, such as Manny in Copeland’s Camp. Open his menu with the Square button on the DualShock 4 controller. Once in the menu, see that Manny can refuel Deacon’s bike here, or even repair it. Besides that, though, Manny can upgrade Deacon’s motorcycle in three different areas; performance, visual, and paint.

In the early hours of Days Gone, it’s recommended that players focus more on the performance upgrades for Deacon’s bike. Open that menu and look at the options for bike upgrades:

  • Engine
  • Exhaust
  • Storage
  • Fuel Tank
  • Frame
  • Nitrous
  • Tires

Select one of the listed options above, then look at the cost and level of Trust required. If players have enough Credits and enough Trust, they will be able to purchase the upgrade. As a stealth player where possible, I opted to buy the Exhaust 1 upgrade to make my bike a bit quieter and allow me to endure less hassle on the path. I also upgraded my fuel tank to Gas Tank 1, partly for longer trips but also partly so I could fast travel in Days Gone without worrying about running out of fuel. My final early upgrade was the Engine 1, so I had a bit more top speed. After all, Deacon is going to run into trouble at some point and it’s important he can outrun those that wish to kill him.

Now that players are fully aware of how to upgrade Deacon’s bike in Days Gone and have learned more about various bike upgrades, they should head to the Days Gone game guides and walkthrough hub at Shacknews to read through what else they need to know.


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