Will Days Gone release on the Xbox One?

Gamers of all platforms are likely to be interested in Bend Studio's latest, but will Days Gone ever release on the Xbox One?


The subject of games exclusive to a single platform is a hot one, with many believing that the people who suffer the most are gamers. They are completely correct, but exclusives aren’t going away any time soon. This guide will help gamers understand if Days Gone will make its way to the Xbox One, and the reasoning behind such decisions for those that aren’t aware.

Will Days Gone release on Xbox One?

Will Days Gone Release on Xbox One?

Days Gone will not be releasing on the Xbox One. That is to say, Days Gone will not be releasing on the Xbox One any time soon. Sony has done a fantastic job (from a company standpoint) of selling hardware because of PS4 exclusives such as Days Gone. If you want to play it you must own a PS4, and Sony banks on the idea that they have enough top-notch exclusives to convince the average gamer to go PS4 over the Xbox One. At least, that’s been the approach in the past.

Recently, however, we witnessed former PS4 exclusives making the jump to PC via the Epic Games Store. Titles like Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human, all from the Quantic Dream studio, will arrive on PC sometime in the future. This is a rare occurrence and it’s not likely one that will be widespread in the coming years, though. It’s even less likely that any games that sneak away from the PS4 will end up on the Xbox One since historically Sony and Microsoft have not played well together.

While Days Gone will not be coming to the Xbox One, those who on it on PS4 can check out our Days Gone game guides and walkthrough hub. Those that don’t plan to get the game (or simply can’t) should check out our video game release dates 2019 guide to see what is coming out on their platforms of choice.

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