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Bring Leon's drug stash to Tucker or Copeland in Days Gone?

Players will need to decide if they want to bring Leon's Drug Stash to Tucker or Copeland and understand what that decision costs them.


As players progress through Days Gone, they’ll be asked to bring a Leon’s drug stash to either Tucker or Copeland. The game will force this decision upon players at a certain point, not allowing them to back out or load a save to make an informed decision. Thankfully, the implications are straightforward in the immediate aftermath of making the choice.

Bring Leon’s drug stash to Tucker or Copeland?

Days Gone drug stash choice Copeland or Tucker

Players should bring Leon’s drug stash to Tucker if they value better weapons, and Copeland if they are looking to upgrade their bike. The main reason for this is that Tucker’s camp has a vendor that sells some great guns, but it’s necessary to have a decent level of trust to purchase them. Whoever players give Leon’s drug stash to, that camp will trust them more and allow them to purchase more items from them. If players give the drug stash to Copeland, this will increase the level of trust there and allow them to buy more upgrades for their bike. Sure, Copelands camp sells guns, but nothing as fancy as Tucker’s camp.

Days Gone drug stash choice Copeland or Tucker camp

The question for the player really becomes more about whether they value better guns or a better bike in the hours of gameplay that follow. I tend to play a heavy stealth game, so I opted to go with the giving the drugs to Copeland and visiting his mechanic to upgrade my bike. I’m now working with a larger fuel tank, so I don’t have to refuel my bike as often. I’ve also reduced the amount of noise I make and increased the traction. For players that don’t really care about upgrading their bike, and instead would like to have better weapons, give the drug stash to Tucker and increase the trust that camp has with Deacon. It might be rough going on the open road, but at least Deek will be able to defend himself.

Now that players know the positives and negatives for giving Leon’s drug stash to Tucker or Copeland, it would be wise to check out the Shacknews Days Gone game guides and walkthrough to see that all bases are covered when it comes to dealing with the Freakers.


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