How to earn Trust with Encampments in Days Gone

Earn trust with encampments to unlock better weapons and bike upgrades in Days Gone.


In order to earn Trust with encampments in Days Gone, players must jump through some hoops. It’s an important part of gameplay, though, as Trust will unlock new items to buy from various vendors in Days Gone. Thankfully, just about every action taken in an encampment’s territory will help earn their Trust so Deacon can load up for the journey forward.

How to earn Trust

How to Earn Trust in Days Gone

Trust is most effectively earned by completing missions, as these offer Trust in large amounts. If there’s a mission opportunity marked on the map (brought up by swiping right on the DualShock 4’s touchpad), hover over it to see how much Trust can be earned. Once the job is complete, the level of Trust for the encampment that wanted it done will go up.

Trust can also be earned by completing smaller tasks for an encampment’s vendors, such as the Kitchen and Bounties vendors. For example, when a player opens the menu for the Kitchen, they will see all the items they can sell, with the amount of Trust and Credit earned displayed in the top right of the screen. In Copeland’s Camp, the Kitchen will give Deacon 15 Trust and 20 Credits for each bit of Wolf Meat, which gamers will discover is not hard to find.

Bounties, on the other hand, will reward players for looting the bodies of dead foes such as Swarmers, a standard enemy type in Days Gone. Open the Bounties menu the same as the Kitchen, then look at what Deacon can trade in. A Swarmer Ear, for example, can be traded for three Trust and five Credits, which isn’t a lot, but Swarmers are easy to come by. These vendors are essentially a way to earn Trust just for playing the game, even if Deacon’s not on a mission or job.

A more random way to earn Trust is by doing random events as Deacon explores, such as Freakers that are attacking an NPC. Save the NPC and send it to one of the encampments for either Trust, Credits, or both.

To check how much Trust Deacon has with an encampment, simply hover over any part of that camp’s territory on the map. This will show the Trust badge with a number next to it. For a more detailed look, hit up one of the encampment’s vendors. Their menus will show exactly how many points are needed to upgrade Deacon’s Trust. Then it’s just a matter of finding tasks that will get Deacon on their good side.

The ability to earn Trust is an essential part of Days Gone, as it will allow players to upgrade Deacon’s bike, and to purchase better weapons from vendors. For more help Deek’s journey, visit the Days Gone game guides and walkthrough hub Shacknews has going to get prepared.


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