How to sleep and pass time in Days Gone

Learn how to sleep and pass time in Days Gone so Deacon can go after the Freakers on his terms, and with a little more daylight.


If gamers don’t want to be out at night, they will need to quickly learn how to sleep and pass time while playing Days Gone. This action can only be taken in certain locations, and it provide various in-game benefit in addition to lowering anxiety for anyone that finds games like Days Gone stressful.

How to sleep and pass time

How to Sleep and Pass Time in Days Gone

In order to sleep and pass time in Days Gone, players must be at a safe location such as a bunker or a safe house. Once there, search for a bed that Deacon can interact with. Like most interactions, the Square button on the DualShock 4 controller is what players will need to press. This will automatically perform the sleep action and pass time, so don’t press it unless Deacon is very sure he wants to rest.

Sleep will pass time until either day or night. If Deacon sleeps while it’s daylight, he will forward the time to 6:00 p.m. If he sleeps at night, he will forward the time to 7:00 a.m. This can be done for varied reasons, like the fact that some enemies act differently at night. Infestations are a good example of enemies that will behave differently depending on the time of day or night.

It’s also worth noting that the time of day will impact hordes in the game. Hordes are large groups of Swarmers that behave as one entity. They are usually tucked away in caves during the day, and head out at night to feed. Since Deacon will be ill-equipped to face hordes early in his journey, perhaps it’s best if he does most of his exploring during the day.

It should be noted that sleeping and passing time does not heal Deacon, so gamers should avoid trying if that’s the goal. Proper first aid will still be required when he’s hurt.

The final benefit of finding a bed to sleep or pass time is that this is also a location where the game can be saved. We cover that in more detail in our guide on how to save the game in Days Gone, but doing so at a bed is one of the options.

Now that Deacon can get some proper sleep and pass time, head to the Days Gone game guides and walkthrough we have going and get some extra tips about how to keep Deacon alive in this post-apocalyptic hell.


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