Resident Evil 4 strategy guide

A collection of Resident Evil 4 guides to help you survive the onslaught, locate every collectible, and complete every request.


The Resident Evil 4 remake has arrived, bringing veteran players back to experience the game anew and new players in to see it for the first time. Whether you’re a seasoned agent or a recent graduate of the police academy, our Resident Evil 4 strategy guide is chock full of tips, tricks, and everything you need to save the day.

Resident Evil 4 Guides

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Resident Evil 4 is positively packed full of delightful activities for players to do. Some of these will be familiar if you’ve played the game back in the day, but hopefully there are some surprises to be found. Below is a table containing our exhaustive collection of RE4 Remake guides, split into categories with a brief description of what’s inside.

Resident Evil 4 remake guides
Weapon & Combat guides
How to perform stealth kills When you need to be quiet or save ammo, it's time for a stealth kill.
How to parry Enemy too close? Parry your way out of danger!
How to repair the Combat Knife A knife is only good when it works, so repair your trusty blade when it breaks.
Where to find Red9 Upgrade your arsenal with one of the best handguns in RE4.
Where to find Red9 Stock Improve the Red9 by finding and equipping its stock.
How to beat El Gigante in the Castle It's big, it's mean, but most importantly, it's in your way.
Puzzle guides
Church lights puzzle Ashley needs saving, but you'll need to work out a puzzling light problem first.
Crystal Marble puzzle The village area holds a special crystal marble puzzle for you to solve.
The sword puzzle Four swords, one solution.
The Church Insignia You've got to find the Church Insignia if you want to enter the church.
Hexagon Pieces Get yourself some extra treasure by solving the hexagon puzzle. But first, find those pieces!
The Old Wayshrine Key Unlock a treasure chest by locating the Old Wayshrine Key.
The Halo Wheel Track down the Halo Wheel as part of the Water Hall section.
Lithographic Stones Track down the lithographic stones so you can continue pushing through the story.
The Cubic Device Where to find this strange lookin' key and where to use it.
Escape the Courtyard maze Don't get stuck in the maze. Find the three flags and get Leon to safety.
Requests & Side missions
How to save the dog Save the dog. Beat the boss. Things are a little different this time around, though.
Grave Robber Steel yourself: the Grave Robber request takes place in one of the spookier locations.
All Pest Control requests The location of the rats for each of the Pest Control requests.
A Savage Mutt Help out the village by taking down a savage mutt that's been seen in the area.
Viper Hunter Make a little bit of extra cash by becoming the local snake wrangler.
Egg Hunt In trying times, all you need is an egg. Here's where to find the one you need.
A Merciless Knight Track down a golden suit of armor and help out the merchant.
Catch Me a Big Fish There's no better time for a quick fishing trip than while struggling to survive.
Challenges, Achievements, & Trophies
Never Heard It Coming Using only a knife, take down a Garrador. 

Resident Evil 4 review

It should come as no surprise that Resident Evil 4 is a critical success. The game was popular back in 2005 and it remains so to this day. Our own TJ Denzer praised the remake in his Resident Evil 4 review, giving the game Shacknews’ first official 10/10. Read the review, watch the video review, and dive into the game you no doubt remember fondly, or if it’s your first time playing, one you will never forget.

As you progress through the game, check back in here with our Resident Evil 4 strategy guide as we continue to cover every inch, turn over every stone, and do our best to survive. For more general information and the latest news, check out our Resident Evil 4 remake topic.

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