Where to find the Cubic Device - Resident Evil 4

The Cubic Device is a key that opens many of the treasures in Resident Evil 4. Our guide will show you where to find it and how to use it.


The Village in Capcom's Resident Evil 4 remake had a unique key for opening special locks in the area. Entering the Castle brings new enemies and challenges, and the Cubic Device, a key-like device that leads to some of the game's most lucrative treasures and powerful weapons. Follow this guide to find out where to find the Cubic Device.

Locating the Cubic Device

As you explore the Castle, you'll come across a few locked cabinets with cube-shaped holes needed to open them. The Cubic Device opens all of these, and can be found over the course of chapter 9.

Most of chapter 9's events occur in the Grand Hall and its adjacent rooms. You'll visit three areas: the Dining Hall, the Gallery, and the Armory. You'll come across the Cubic Device near the end of the Armory--if, that is, you can survive the challenge it holds.

Once the dust has settled, Ashley will indicate that she's ready to jump down into the arena with Leon. Catch her, then operate the two levers that open the exit. A short distance down this corridor, you'll find a treasure chest. Open it and feast your eyes on the Cubic Device.

Using the Cubic Device

The Cubic Device is a key, yet quite different from your run-of-the-mill "master of unlocking" mechanisms. Around each side are grooves in different shapes. To unlock the cabinets that require the Cubic Device, you must interact with the object and then rotate the cube until it fits the contours of the space in the cabinet.

Resident Evil 4's Cubic Device is a key unique to the Castle region.
Resident Evil 4's Cubic Device is a key unique to the Castle region.

You'll know if you fit the Cubic Device correctly because it will sink all the way into the space. If you got the fit wrong, the cube will rebound and you can try again.

Now that you have a Cubic Device of your very own, backtrack through the Castle to unlock the cabinets you missed. There are plenty more ahead, along with more challenges and merchant requests. Make sure to bookmark the Shacknews Resident Evil 4 strategy guide, which contains even more walkthroughs for how to escape the Courtyard maze and other missions.

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