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Grave Robber request - Resident Evil 4

Our solution to solving Resident Evil 4's Grave Robber Request will have you seeing double.


Resident Evil 4’s church was one of the most memorable areas in 2005’s Resident Evil 4. It cultivated a foreboding atmosphere between the Ganados waiting for you on the grounds and the cemetery outside the entrance. Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 remake features an even creepier church setting, and a new puzzle, the Grave Robber Request, to subvert your expectations for what you can do—and what treasures you’ll find—in the church area.

Completing the Grave Robber request

The Grave Robber Request is located conveniently on the grounds of the church. When you arrive in the area, hike through the graveyard and follow the path that leads around the rear of the church. Look for the merchant’s trademark blue note pinned to a post in a shed, just past a ladder on your right. (Make sure to open the box nearby to collect the Elegant Headdress, too!)

Return to the graveyard and look for two headstones side by side, each adorned with an ornate letter “V” emblem. Destroy the “Vs” to complete the request. Keep in mind that you don’t have to shoot them; you can use your knife if you want to conserve ammo, although destroying objects with the knife chips away at its durability.

You'll find the Twins' headstones at this point on the church area map.
You'll find the Twins' headstones at this point on the church area map.
The Twins' headstones, the key to completing the Grave Robber Request.
The Twins' headstones, the key to completing the Grave Robber Request.

The next time you visit the merchant at any of his (or their?) locations, you’ll collect two spinels that you can put toward his trade-in rewards. The merchant offers more valuable trade-in rewards as you progress, so it’s worth saving your spinels for some of the items that will give you an advantage in the difficult areas ahead. Or, if you’re hurting for healing items, trade your reward for the yellow herb and combine it with a green herb to increase your maximum health the next time you need a boost.

You’ll come back to the church later to meet up with Ashley Graham. Before you can do that, you’ll have to solve the church lights puzzle. Consult our guide for the solution, and bookmark the Shacknews Resident Evil 4 strategy guide for more walkthroughs and puzzle solutions that will aid you in your mission to escape Spain with the president’s daughter.

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